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​Man Creates Gun That Shoots Masks On To People's Faces

Jess Hardiman

| Last updated 

​Man Creates Gun That Shoots Masks On To People's Faces

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced

While wearing face masks has become de rigueur for many of us now, sometimes when you walk around it seems not everyone got the memo (a friendly reminder, however, that some people are exempt on medical grounds).

But now one man has come up with an ingenious way to ensure everyone who should be wearing a mask has one on, having invented a gun that shoots the coverings onto people's faces.

Allen Pan, whose YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced has 1.3 million subscribers, shared a video of his creation in action, having said he had noticed many Americans weren't covering their faces despite the pandemic still raging on.

Pan says in the video: "It feels like people just aren't wearing masks, and they should be.

"So what are we gonna do about it? What am I gonna do about it?"

Allen Pan. Credit: YouTube/Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced
Allen Pan. Credit: YouTube/Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced

Explaining how there are plenty of informative videos out there talking people through the benefits of wearing a mask, Pan said he needed to up the ante slightly - turning to something many Americans feel very passionately about: the Second Amendment.

He continued: "American problems demand American solutions.

"I'm gonna put together the Second Amendment with healthcare. That's right: guns and public safety. Boom! Best of both worlds."

Credit: YouTube/Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced
Credit: YouTube/Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced

Pan then shows us how he made the innovative 'Mask Gun', including how he tested it out on a model.

Eventually, the invention was ready for the public and Pan took it down to Huntington Beach, which he says in the video caption is 'one of the most anti-mask cities in southern California'.

Pan and his assistant gave a demonstration of the mask launcher doing its thing, which resulted in a few technical difficulties with the weighted 'projectiles' that needed fixing before it was ready to try out on others.

Looking around, Pan then realises that, actually, a surprisingly number of people are already wearing masks.

He says: "I don't know if it was the time of day and the percentage of locals versus tourists or maybe people are actually coming round to the idea of masks, but there's a ton of people wearing masks here!

Credit: YouTube/Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced
Credit: YouTube/Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced

"I mean, it's not a majority - it's probably like 25 percent at best - but we're outside and this is Huntington freakin' Beach."

In the end, he enlists some people to try the mask launcher out on the test dummy, allowing them to be the shooter - with varying levels of success, we should add, but it's probably something that requires a bit of practice.

He then asks them if they would use the launcher on someone they saw in the supermarket not wearing a covering.

"Yes!" one woman replies, to the amusement of her friends.

Watch the full video on YouTube here.

Topics: News, Coronavirus, US News, Technology

Jess Hardiman
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