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Joe's Neighbour In You Season 3 Has Been Revealed

Joe's Neighbour In You Season 3 Has Been Revealed

Michaela McManus will play Natalie

Joe's neighbour in season three of You has been revealed.

When we last saw the murderous bookworm, he was peering over into next door's garden and spying on a mystery woman.

Well, after months of wondering who she was and what she means for Joe, we finally have an answer.

Michaela McManus (The Village), will play Natalie who reportedly becomes subject to Joe's fascination which, as we know, never ends well.

A character description shared with Variety reads: "Married to a powerful man, Natalie is a professional and social success. But she sees through the shallow, Stepford-esque vibe that surrounds her, and beneath her wry exterior, she leads a secret life. One that Joe is willing to work hard to learn more about."

We'll have to wait and see what Joe and his equally dangerous partner Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) have in store for her, but McManus is not the only newbie joining the ranks for the third season.

Joe's mystery neighbour has finally been revealed.

Joining her on the hit show is Shalita Grant, who plays Sherry, a 'mom-influencer' socialite who invites Love into her friendship group.

However, it soon becomes apparent that not all is as it seems and Sherry has ulterior motives for befriending her.

Shannon Chan-Kent will also play Kiki, a life-coach and devoted member of Sherry's group of entitled catty pals.

They will all be joined by Chris O'Shea as Sherry's friend Andrew, Christopher Sean as Kiki's husband Brandon, Bryan Safi as Andrew's husband Jackson, Mackenzie Astin who will play the naive geology professor Gil, and Ben Mehl as librarian Dante.

Dylan Arnold will also play troubled college student Theo, while Tati Gabrielle plays librarian Marienne.

This series will also give fans an insight into Joe's childhood, with Jack Fisher playing a young Joe during flashbacks of his time at a boys' home where he was bullied.

The exciting list of new cast members comes a couple of weeks after it was announced that production had resumed on the third season following months of delays due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On the official Instagram account for the series, a caption read: "We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times. YOU S3 is back in production."

A picture was then posted on to the show's Instagram story which said 'And They Lived Happily Ever After', which we assume is a nod towards the ending of season 2.

Filming initially began earlier this year, however, 2020 had different plans, as we soon came to realise.

You season three is set to premiere in 2021.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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