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Lee Mack Looked Completely Unrecognisable In The 90s

Lee Mack Looked Completely Unrecognisable In The 90s

The comedian was just a wisp of a thing when he was starting out in comedy

Lee Mack is one of the biggest and best-loved comedians on television but while most of us know him as the hapless dad in Not Going Out or for constantly trying to wind up David Mitchell on Would I Lie To You?, some won't be as au fait with his earlier works.

And nor would many of us even recognise him from those days either, with the funny man being just a wisp of a thing when he was just starting out as a comic back in the 90s.

I mean, it was over 20 years ago, so it's understandable that he might look a little different; time comes to us all, I'm afraid.

But still, have a look for yourself:

Lee Mack as a young comic in the 90s.
Channel 4

During an episode of The Big Fat Quiz of The Year, host Jimmy Carr showed photos of his guests from their younger days, including the above, of an incredibly thin Lee wearing pair of thick-rimmed glasses.

Explaining what was going on in the photo, Lee said: "Genuinely true story, that is the night of my very first gig, and that's me rehearsing at home, with a plastic bottle, pretending it's a mic

"I was nine-and-a-half stone when I started comedy and now I'm 14 stone - I am half more a human being than when I started."

Another bit of trivia about Lee's early days in the comedy game is that he used to share a house with Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, otherwise known as the founders of The Mighty Boosh.

Lee also featured on the radio version of the hit series.

Speaking previously about their days as housemates, Noel told blogger writewyattukP: "Yeah ... years ago. We lived together for two years running in Edinburgh, for six weeks or so while we were doing the Festival.

Lee now.

"Me and Julian, Lee and another comedian one year, then the year after it was me, Julian, all the Boosh, Lee, and someone else.

"Those days were quite fun. It's the only time you ever live with other comedians.

"Some of them can be quite annoying, but Lee is probably the funniest person I've ever known.

"Or maybe it's between Rich Fulcher and Lee. They're both unbelievable."

Away from comedy, Lee isn't exactly known for his sporting prowess, but that hasn't stopped him from taking part in a number of charity football matches for Soccer Aid.

And over the years, he's come in for a bit of stick for missing a couple of important penalties.

But this year, he managed to redeem himself, scoring for the Rest of The World during this year's game.

Well done, Lee!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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