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Man holds cheese board in mouth at dinner table while people eat off his face

Dominic Smithers

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If you're opened Twitter today, the chances are you've come across a very weird video of two women eating food off some guy's face.

Now, while the idea of 'sploshing' is nothing new, this has nothing to do with couples - or throuples - acting out their sexual fantasies.

In the video, two women can be seen sitting at a small table, with their waiter between them.

But rather than pouring the diners a glass of wine or making sure their food is ok, he is essentially the dish.


Mouths open wide, the women sink into the man's face, nibbling on grapes hanging off his cheeks and sipping on wine balanced on his forehead.

Come on, man, there's got to be a better way? Credit: Twitter/TikTok
Come on, man, there's got to be a better way? Credit: Twitter/TikTok

It's like something out of a horror film, and the troubling sight sparked outrage online, with people questioning just how much you'd have to be paid to work at a restaurant where you have to degrade yourself to such an extent.

Sharing the clip, one user asked: "Would you trade in your dignity for $10k a month?"


Expressing their disgust at the scene, someone said: "This just made me sad. And why do they look like an evil couple lol."

While another commented: "Rich people do very bizarre things, it seems."

Well, just like most things on social media, it's not quite what it seems.

After the post went viral, one of the people filmed spoke out to explain exactly what was going on.


And it turns out that there's more to it than meets the eye.

Commenting on the Twitter post, a user going by the handle @foodmasku revealed that he was the waiter at this apparent restaurant.

He explained that it was a piece of art, which he filmed in New York last year.

Antonius is the man behind the cheese. Credit: TikTok/foodmasku
Antonius is the man behind the cheese. Credit: TikTok/foodmasku

He wrote: "I'm the guy in the middle. I performed this piece in Brooklyn, 2022. We set up the exhibit to look like a restaurant and an audience member took this video. I got in contact with her and I replied on the clock app."

In his video shared to TikTok, he offered some more background.

"Hey, I am actually the creator of that performance in that video," he explains.

"I started making food masks on my face and eating them in the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020.


"And I was on a Zoom call and one of my colleagues couldn't turn off the pickle face filter, so I took my dinner and I put it on my face, started posting it on another app, and went viral over a couple of video."

So mystery solved. There is no creepy restaurant where the rich eat cheese of people's faces.

Or at least, not that we know of...

Topics: Viral, Social Media, Twitter, US News, Art, TikTok

Dominic Smithers
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