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Woman who wore ‘X-rated’ body paint pants to gym sparks more controversy with new video of someone else

Woman who wore ‘X-rated’ body paint pants to gym sparks more controversy with new video of someone else

Natalie Reynolds has sparked further uproar online

The woman who left her workout gear at home in favour of wearing body paint to the gym just can't seem to stay away from controversy.

Kick streamer Natalie Reynolds has sparked more uproar online by sharing another strange video - but this time, she isn't the star of the clip.

Take a look here:

If you haven't heard, I'll quickly bring you up to speed - the 26-year-old conducted a bizarre 'social experiment' on 27 December which saw her head to the gym in mostly body paint.

Natalie got blue leggings and a purple sports bra painted on her bare skin, while wearing nude underwear, nipple covers and draping a black zip hoodie over herself to protect her modesty.

She told her followers that it took hours to get painted up before she headed to her nearest gym with the intention of shocking people mid-workout and seeing if they realised her lack of clothing.

Within minutes of stepping foot inside the place, she was confronted by a bloke who immediately noticed her painted-on clothes and told her she needed to leave - and the clip obviously ended up going viral.

After receiving a load of backlash, the streamer apologised in a tweet three days later, saying: "I’ve made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment and I don’t expect to be forgive. I am simply here to apologise."

Natalie's painted outfit didn't go down well with gym goers or social media users.

Natalie had previously told people to leave her alone and to 'let me get my gains and shredded in peace', so people were obviously sceptical about the sincerity of her apology.

Others also picked up on the fact her words mirrored those of Logan Paul when he said sorry for sharing a video in the 'suicide forest' Aokigahara which included footage of a dead body back in 2018.

It seems she thinks the internet may have done her an injustice by slamming her paint stunt, as she sarcastically shared a tweet on New Year's Day seemingly referencing some so-called double standards.

The online personality shared footage of an unknown woman working out in a gym with teeny shorts and a revealing sports bra alongside the caption: "Good to see people in the gym trying to improve themselves."

Obviously, take her words as a hearty dose of satire.

Social media users said it was clear Natalie was taking a veiled dig at the gym goer for her choice of clothing after she was called out for her painted-on get up.

The streamer shared a video sarcastically commenting on another woman's gym outfit to try and bolster her defence.

People didn't seem too impressed with her approach at trying to deflect the fallout by making another woman the target of internet trolls and responded to her post with further disgust.

One said: "She’s actually working out that is the difference and not trying to get reactions and walk through a gym."

Another fumed: "You were just naked the other day at a gym."

A third added: "The main difference is she's actually wearing real clothes not paint."

A fourth chimed in: "At this point, it’s clear you are just trolling for clicks."

And a fifth added: "You should wear this instead of the paint stuff."

Natalie had also shared a tweet on 28 December comparing her painted-on outfit to bodybuilders' stagewear.

She wrote: "So when people wear these outfits it’s all about body positivity but when I’m wearing more then that it’s a problem. The gym allowed me inside, allowed me to film and had no issue otherwise they would have kicked me out…"

Featured Image Credit: X/@onlynatereynold

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