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Asda Shoppers Shocked By Super Creepy Halloween Decorations

Claire Reid

| Last updated 

Asda Shoppers Shocked By Super Creepy Halloween Decorations

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

Asda shoppers have been left feeling creeped out after spotting these spooky rocking dolls on shelves as part of its Halloween range. You can see them in action here:


Shoppers in the market to welcome pure evil into their homes, can choose from either a little girl, complete with bonnet and striped socks, or a clown doll, that gives off serious Pennywise-vibes.

As well as looking horrific, the dolls slowly rock and back forth while a creepy nursery rhymes plays - what more could you want?

A description for the £15 dolls reads: "Terrify your guest this Halloween with this animated clown on a rocking horse. Doll rocks on horse and sings 'ring a ring a rosey' while eyes light up red."

Footage of the dolls has been shared online where shoppers have been left feeling a bit creeped out by the dolls, commenting on the Extreme Coupon and Bargaining Facebook page one person wrote: "I feel ill."

Another asked: "Strangely want this for my house. Do you think it'll scare the kids?"

Credit: Asda
Credit: Asda

Someone else said: "It's when it's activated on its own in the middle of the night at the top of the stairs that's fun."

Posting on Twitter, another person slammed the doll writing: "Human ability to compartmentalise, and make light of terrible things is amazing.

"Child mortality for example, awful thing, to be handled with utmost tact, but selling undead animatronic babies for £15 down Asda is absolutely fine."

But not everyone disliked the dolls, with plenty of people commenting to say they were on their way to Asda to get themselves one and others complaining they can't get their hands on one because they're all sold out.

Now, if you are thinking of decorating your home for 'spooky season' then you could do worse than take a bit of inspiration from the US man who's outdoor display was so gruesome people called the police.

Police visited the home of Steven Novak, who lives in Dallas, Texas, numerous times due to the grisly scene he set up in his garden.

The 'decorations' included a wheelbarrow full of limbs, several corpses, and absolutely loads of splattered blood.

Credit: Instagram/@stevennovak
Credit: Instagram/@stevennovak

And this year, he's at it again.

Speaking to the Dallas Observer, he said: "There are lots of new gimmicks to this year's caper.

"The wood chipper blood fountain being the clear centrepiece and easily the most challenging prop.

"It took me months to find an old wood chipper for sale. The sellers were not pleased with its new purpose

Topics: UK News, halloween, Weird

Claire Reid
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