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Bounty Voted Least Favourite Celebrations Chocolate

Bounty Voted Least Favourite Celebrations Chocolate

Bounty has been voted the least favourite Celebrations chocolate in our recent Twitter poll.

Mischa Pearlmen

Mischa Pearlmen

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Bounty has been voted people's least favourite chocolate in Celebrations in a LADbible Twitter poll.

Over 12,000 of you voted in the final yesterday, which pitted the coconut-filled chocolate bar against Snickers, which was the other winner - or should that be 'loser'? - of the two voting rounds.

On 10 August, we sent out two polls on Twitter which asked the following question: "If our friends at Celebrations were thinking of shaking up the chocolate mix, which one should get the chop?"

The first poll pitted Bounty against Galaxy, Galaxy Caramel and Maltesers. More than 18,000 of you voted and those expressing distaste for Bounty far outweighed any of the other options. It got an overwhelming 63.7 percent of the vote.

In distant second was Galaxy Caramel, with 16.4 percent of the vote, followed by normal Galaxy, which saw 10.9 percent of people vote for it. Maltesers were the least disliked, getting just 9 percent of the vote. But then, most people love Maltesers, so that makes sense.


The second poll was a slightly tighter race, which saw Snickers get 37.5 percent of the vote to make it through to the grand final.

In second place was Milky Way with 25.4 percent, then Twix at 19.3 percent and the classic, iconic Mars Bar at 17.8 percent. That people prefer Twix to Mars Bars was a bit of a shock, but there's no accounting for taste these days.

That pitted Bounty and Snickers against each other for the dubious accolade of which chocolate should get the chop if Celebrations got shaken up. Bounty got 69.4 percent of the vote, compared with the 30.6 percent that chose Snickers. A lot of people seemed to agree with the results:

Well, sort of:

Yet while the results might not seem altogether surprising, it seems some people were left with a bitter taste in their mouths when they realised most others would sacrifice their favourite chocolate. This guy realised it might actually work to his advantage, though...

It's all hypothetical though, so whether you love them or loathe them, Bounty bars will likely be in your Celebrations for a long time to come!

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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