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A baggage handler has been criticised after they were filmed throwing luggage onto the conveyor belt.

James Elson was travelling on a Ryanair flight when he looked out the window and saw his instruments being loaded onto the plane.

However, while he expected they would be placed carefully onto the conveyor belt, he was shocked to see them being chucked carelessly by the baggage handler.

In a post to his Twitter account, while not naming the airport, James tagged Ryanair, saying it was unacceptable.

Sharing the short clip, the musician said: "Our fragile musical instruments being looked after - not.

"@Ryanair, Blue Handling - absolutely appalling customer service. To think the amount we paid for you to take them… "

A baggage handler ws spotted throwing instruments onto the conveyor belt.

Since posting the clip, it's been viewed millions of times, with other users shocked.

Commenting on the post, one irate person said: "It actually took more effort to lift it higher and slam it down. Lol."

Another remarked: "That’s Ryanair and it’s whole beautiful supply chain at play."

"That looks intentional," put a third.

Others pointed out that it would have been the airport's staff member rather than a Ryanair employee.

"You do realise that it's the airport that are responsible for supplying the ground staff not the airline?" they said.

LADbible has contacted Ryanair for comment.

This isn't the first time baggage handlers have been called out for their treatment of people's luggage, though.

Last year, footage emerged of two workers dressed in hi-vis jackets 'unloading' a series of suitcases and bags onto a conveyor belt.

Almost like a food fight, but luggage, suitcases and bags can be seen flying through the air.
@rexross79/ TikTok

However, instead of wheeling or gently placing the items on the belt, the two handlers decide to pick them up and lob them in the belt's general direction.

Some suitcases land on the conveyor belt, others fall off the side and some bounce and boing around on top of one another as they're chucked about - the handlers laughing as they do so.

Look, we get it, luggage is heavy, it's a nuisance and it hardly seems like the funnest job in the world. But to treat someone's personal belongings in such a way? TikTokers are far from amused.

Similarly, the clip amassed millions of views, sparking outrage in the comments.

"They should be terminated on the spot," blasted one viewer.

While another added: "People pay soooo much money for their flights and trust that our property isn’t being intentionally damaged when we don't have it with us."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Elson7James

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