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Woman Stands On Baggage Conveyor Belt At Airport And Immediately Stacks It

Woman Stands On Baggage Conveyor Belt At Airport And Immediately Stacks It

Probably best just leaving it for the bags, eh?

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

CCTV is an extremely handy technological development; partly because it helps us detect crimes and enhance security, and partly because it captures comical moments from across the globe - that may otherwise only be enjoyed by a select few - and enables us all to enjoy them forever more.

Which brings us to this woman, who had a bit of a whoopsie at Istanbul Airport.

The airport - which opened in April in the Arnavutkoy district - has an annual passenger capacity of 90 million, and as such, the CCTV there plays a vital role in ensuring everything is in order. However, we also have it to thank for capturing the moment a woman decided to climb on the baggage conveyor belt, where she immediately stacked it.

In the footage, the woman can be seen walking up the baggage ramp at check-in with her luggage in her hands. She then waits patiently for a bag to pass - clearly not thinking anything of the fact it is bags riding the belt, not people - before stepping on to the luggage conveyor belt and falling in a heap.

As the woman is whisked along on her behind towards the baggage handlers out the back, bemused staff members press the emergency stop button, seemingly unsure what to say to the fallen passenger.

Good old CCTV.
Asia Wire

Unfortunately, we know nothing more of this woman and her thought process. Had she never flown before and assumed this was what you were supposed to do? Did she not have a ticket and think she could chance getting free travel in the baggage hold? Or had she spent the whole morning waiting for her flight at the airport pub and ended up a tad confused?

My money's on the latter.

Whatever the hell was going on, let's not resent the fact we don't know more; rather, let's celebrate the fact that - through the power of CCTV and the internet - we've all got to enjoy this idiotic moment.

But of course, just as CCTV captures idiotic falls, it also captures heroic catches.

Just recently, a mum in Colombia was filmed catching her son by the ankle as he fell from the fourth floor of a building.

CCTV captured a mum's amazing catch in Colombia.

The CCTV shows the mother and son waiting outside a door at Monserrate construction company's office in the Laureles Colonial building, Medellín, before the toddler sticks his head through railings and falls.

However, the mum shows incredible reactions as she leaps to his rescue, just managing to grip him by the ankle.

Amazing stuff - from both the Colombian mum and the traveller in Turkey.

Cheers CCTV.

Featured Image Credit: Asia Wire

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