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Restaurant praised for ‘excellent’ response to customer who left scathing review

Restaurant praised for ‘excellent’ response to customer who left scathing review

The restaurant called out the diner over the review

A restaurant manager has been praised for hitting back at a one-star review from a customer who'd vowed to never to return.

Atina Kitchen in Chester was whacked with a one-star TripAdvisor from a diner who accused the staff of being ‘not very friendly’ and ‘very inattentive’.

In the scathing review, the not-so-happy customer said the service was ‘very poor’ and that they had to go to the bar to fetch their own water ‘while two members of the staff were chatting’.

She went on to say that she had decided against tipping as the ‘service was poor’ and the visit wasn’t as pleasant as previous times they’d eaten at Atina Kitchen.

After reading the review, the restaurant’s manager wrote a response in which they called out the diner for leaving a negative review on this occasion, but never leaving a more positive one after previous visits.

"I'm very sorry for your experience when you last joined us,” the response began.

“We value all the custom we get and I'm sorry we let you down on this visit.

The restaurant took to social media to share the review and their response.

"I would usually ask you to send us an email to elaborate on your visit and to ask you to return so we can make up for the last time with a discount.

"However, I noticed you said 'the experience wasn't as pleasant as previous times I have eaten in that restaurant' but I also noticed this is the first time you've reviewed us.

"I'm sorry that your experience felt that truly terrible that you'd review us one star on a public forum during a cost of living crisis when so many hospitality venues are struggling to stay open.

"BUT you haven't taken the time to review us when you've had a pleasant experience in the past. It is such a shame you've felt a one star, which its purpose in itself is to put off other customers, was necessary.

"Especially during such a difficult time for restaurants. You've put in your review that you won't be returning, which I am genuinely disappointed as every customer that comes through helps us stay open.

The restaurant was flooded with praise from social media users.

"I also believe that the service you received on your visit was a one off which all staff are now aware of to make sure it doesn't happen again. I say all this, in hope that the next time you have a good experience at a restaurant you positively review them also, not just the negative."

Atina Kitchen shared both the review and response on X, formerly known as Twitter, where the restaurant was praised for how it handled the situation.

One person wrote: “Excellent reply. Your restaurant is lovely, you really don’t need customers like that.”

Another said: “Spot on guys. These people are so quick to complain but never so fast to compliment.”

While a third posted: “Great response, you couldn't have been fairer.”

Featured Image Credit: @atinakitchen/instagram/googlestreetview

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