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Owner who refused to pay out bloke made steakhouse's £79 challenge easier for people to attempt

Owner who refused to pay out bloke made steakhouse's £79 challenge easier for people to attempt

The bloke who owns a steakhouse famous for its food challenges ended up making one of them easier.

The owner of a steakhouse where a customer recently failed a mighty food challenge because he didn't like salad has a whole load of legendary feasts you can take on.

A bloke called Dan recently just missed out on beating Cattlemans Steakhouse, Devon, in their mixed grill challenge which would have needed him to chomp his way through 4,500 calories worth of food.

Sadly for Dan the challenge was to eat everything on his plate, and while he polished off a 20oz rump steak, 12oz of gammon, four sausages, three chicken wings, a chicken breast, a 6oz cheeseburger, chunky chips, onion rings, a whole tomato, large mushrooms, two fried eggs and pineapple rings he didn't demolish the salad.

While Dan didn't taste victory on his first go and had to pay the £50 penalty for coming up short, he has been invited back for another go by Cattlemans boss Gary King, who said he can swap out the hated salad for something else.

If Dan doesn't want to eat his way through the same feast all over again then the Cattlemans Steakhouse boss has some other challenges to try.

Dan didn't win the Cattlemans mixed grill challenge because he didn't want the salad. but he's been invited back for another go.
Kennedy News and Media

According to Devon Live, those wanting to tackle a food challenge have four options to give a go.

If you want to do as Dan almost did, then the mega mixed grill challenge is yours to take on, eating it all within the hour will get you the win.




Interestingly, if you'd like to eat all of that without being on a timer, then you can spend £59 to split it between two people.

Burger fans can test themselves to eat a pair of 24oz burgers complete with sides, but it'll cost £44 if you don't polish off the whole thing within an hour.

Since it's a steakhouse they of course have a steak eating challenge, which they had to make easier to give people a fighting chance.

The steakhouse owner actually made this challenge easier, dropping the lump of meat from 72oz to 62oz.
Gary King

Yep, Gary King actually downsized to 62oz from the previous gargantuan size of 72oz.

Failing this one will cost you £79 - and for anyone thinking it's doable now they've made it easier, 62oz is still a hell of a lot of meat.

If that thought is preying on your mind but you think a food challenge ought to be a communal activity, then there is another contest to enter.

Cattlemans does a four person steak challenge which plonks 200oz worth of meat on your table, along with some sides, and if you can chow down within the hour the whole thing is free.

Fail the challenge, however, and your group will have to pay out an eye-watering £179.

A four person steak challenge needs you and three mates to eat 200oz of steak and sides in an hour.
Gary King

Gary told DevonLive that the challenge was once extended to be taken on by a dozen rugby lads, splitting them into two teams where the losers would have to pay for the winning team's food.

The steakhouse owner has some advice for anyone wanting to take on a food challenge, saying you should sip water as you go to soften up the food and to stand up for a minute after you're about 15 minutes in to shift the food further down your belly and give your stomach a stretch.

Might give it a miss, Gary, if it's all the same to you.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy/Gary King

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