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Steakhouse owner invites 'salad hating' bloke back for second attempt of 4,500 calorie mixed grill challenge

Steakhouse owner invites 'salad hating' bloke back for second attempt of 4,500 calorie mixed grill challenge

Will he come back for another go at the grill?

A 'salad hating' bloke who fell tragically short of conquering a food challenge has been invited back for another go.

Cattlemans Steakhouse down in Devon offers punters the chance to chow down on a whopping 4,500 calories worth of a mixed grill, if you win they pay you £50 but failing to overcome the challenge means you pay them instead.

For the record, that's a 20oz rump steak, 12oz worth of gammon, four sausages, three chicken wings, a chicken breast and a 6oz cheeseburger.

Then there's chunky chips, onion rings, an entire tomato, large mushrooms, a couple of fried eggs, pineapple rings and some salad.

That all sounds delicious but I'm not sure I could put all that away in a day, let alone the solitary hour brave banqueters who take up the challenge have to clear their plate.

Recently, a bloke called Dan took on the challenge and didn't quite make it to the end, since he hated salad and didn't eat it so he couldn't clear his plate and beat the challenge.

The challenge is to eat everything on the plate, which means the salad as well.

Dan ate everything but the salad at the Cattlemans Steakhouse food challenge.
Kennedy News and Media

However, all may not be over in Dan's battle against the Cattleman Steakhouse and their mega mixed grill food challenge.

Steakhouse owner Gary King told LADbible that Dan could have swapped out his salad for extra chips and onion rings, and even better, he's going to invite the bloke back for a second chance at the mixed grill.

Dan may have been defeated on account of his salad-hating once before but on a second attempt with it swapped out he'll be able to take on the steakhouse one more time.

King said he wanted to 'sort SALADGATE out once and for all' and that Dan had left the steakhouse 'happy' despite his defeat on the first attempt.

If Dan could polish off everything besides the salad on his first go, then we're sure he could rise to the challenge and chomp his way through the lot the second time around, so here's hoping he takes up Gary's invitation to go back for seconds.

The steakhouse owner has invited Dan back for round two, and he can swap out his salad for something else.
Facebook/Cattlemans Steakhouse

Dan might have to get in line though, as there are others queuing up to take on the steakhouse's food challenge and see if they can master the mighty mixed grill.

Then again, some punters have said that while they and their mates all want to give it a go, nobody wants to be the poor soul who has to wedge their inflated belly up against a steering wheel and drive everyone home.

Luckily the steakhouse has some hotel rooms so you can spend the night in a food coma before heading home the next day.

It sounds like quite a tricky challenge though, it's been going for about 10 months and in that time 80 daring diners have taken it on with just a 10 percent success rate.

While you'd have an hour to tackle the entire plate one impressive champion scoffed the lot in 15 minutes and 42 seconds.

Fair enough, that is incredibly impressive.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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