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Steakhouse refuses to pay out after 'salad hating' bloke smashes 4,500 calorie mixed grill

Steakhouse refuses to pay out after 'salad hating' bloke smashes 4,500 calorie mixed grill

Imagine smashing a pile of meat, just to leave a few leaves on the side

We’ve all secretly thought to ourselves we could absolutely demolish one, but very few of us really are brave enough to take on one of those whopper food challenges.

And then for those that do, it probably feels like one of their greatest life achievements to complete it. So what if the restaurant says you’ve failed?

That’s what happened to one bloke who smashed a 4,500 calorie mixed grill.

Except he didn’t quite eat everything… he left the SALAD.

Dan took on Cattlemans Steakhouse’s challenge in Devon - their belly-busting mega Mixed Grill.

Devouring the monster meal in less than an hour, he took on a 20oz rump steak, 12oz of gammon, four sausages, three chicken wings, a chicken breast and a 6oz cheeseburger.

Then that’s all accompanied by chunky chips, onion rings, a whole tomato, large mushrooms, two fried eggs, pineapple rings and that victimising salad.

And while he wiped clean the pile of meat like a total beast, the steakhouse’s social media post showed Dan with only the side salad and mushrooms remaining uneaten.

That's one whopper of a meal.
Kennedy News and Media

Giving a big thumbs down, the caption reads 'so close…he didn't tell us he didn't like salad'.

Turns out the lad HATES the green stuff and annoyed TikTok users have since claimed the restaurant was 'taking the p**s' and the salad 'shouldn't be there'.

But some also questioned why he didn’t just 'grow up' and stomach the salad – that way he would have got his £50 prize.

Instead, he had to fork out £50 himself.

Steakhouse owner Gary King is happy to defend the team’d decision by simply saying: “The challenge is to eat everything.”

Fair enough.

But the most recent breakdown of the challenge shared by the restaurant doesn’t actually mention salad.

Gary does feel sorry for the brave bloke but says he should’ve just asked to swap the salad for more chips or onion rings beforehand.

Turns out the success rate is apparently just 10 percent – despite 80 people tackling it since it began 10 months ago.

All that, just to leave the salad.
Kennedy News and Media

Gary added: "It's simple. It's a challenge and the challenge is to eat and clear everything, otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge.

"His exact words were 'I know it's stupid but I'm not going to eat that salad. Not even for £50 because I don't eat salad'.”

He says the record time for the challenge is just 15 minutes and 42 seconds – ok, that’s impressive.

The steakhouse's post has been viewed more than half a million times.

One commented: "He won for me. Salad is taking the p**s," while another put: "Salad should not be there. Dan is my GOAT.”

However, some lacked sympathy for the bloke, blaming the loss on his stubbornness.

One said: "What? So you're telling me he munched all of that but when it got the salad he tapped out. Yeah, get a grip."

I mean, what’s a few leaves of green after all that meat?

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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