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Steakhouse owner announces new champion as man smashes 4,500 calorie mixed grill just days after ‘salad hating’ bloke missed out

Steakhouse owner announces new champion as man smashes 4,500 calorie mixed grill just days after ‘salad hating’ bloke missed out

This guy didn't leave his salad uneaten

A bloke has absolutely smashed the mixed grill challenge at Cattlemans Steakhouse after a 'salad hating' bloke just fell short after refusing to clear his plate.

You might remember Dan, who was down in Devon at Cattlemans Steakhouse trying their mega mixed grill challenge where he'd get £50 if he scoffed the lot in an hour.

He'd almost chomped his way through a 4,500 calorie feast of a 20oz rump steak, 12oz of gammon, four sausages, three chicken wings, a chicken breast and a 6oz cheeseburger.

Then he'd have to tackle the sides of chunky chips, onion rings, a whole tomato, large mushrooms, two fried eggs, pineapple rings and salad.

Dan didn't win because he didn't have the salad, with steakhouse owner Gary King saying the guy 'left happy' despite not getting the win.

Brian vs mixed grill, there was only ever going to be one winner.
Cattlemans Steakhouse

He's even been invited back for another go at it, and if Dan needs any inspiration he can look at the example of another bloke who beat the challenge.

The steakhouse recently posted a video showing the spectacular efforts of one Brian Heyward, who 'smashed the mixed grill challenge' and became a champion.

Winning £50 and the respect and admiration of all, Brian had previously won one of the steakhouse's other challenges by devouring a pair of 24oz burgers along with sides.

In the end Brian beat the mixed grill with 11 minutes and 49 seconds to go, which is plenty of time.

While he'd 'just done it in the nick of time' when it came to the burger challenge, he sailed to a far more comfortable victory with the mixed grill.

Never in doubt. It's not even the first challenge Brian has won at the steakhouse.
Cattlemans Steakhouse

The heroic bloke said he was 'very full' by the end of his 4,500 calorie feast but remembered to praise the 'good food' on offer at the steakhouse.

If Brian could conquer Cattlemans 62oz steak and sides then he'd have won all three of their solo food challenges.




Even better would be if he could rope three friends into tackling 200oz worth of steak and sides and take on the steakhouse in their four person food challenge.

Of course, losing the solo steak challenge would cost Brian £79 and if he and his mates took on the four person challenge and lost they'd have to pay £179.

The rules of the challenges at Cattlemans are simple, finish everything on your plate within the hour, and if you don't like salad you can swap it out for something else as long as you remember to ask before you start.

Perhaps Dan will be inspired by Brian's example and win a second round.

Featured Image Credit: Cattlemans Steakhouse/Facebook/Kennedy

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