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Viewers stunned as news reporter accidentally drops c bomb live on air

Viewers stunned as news reporter accidentally drops c bomb live on air

Yep, it's happened again.

It's happened again, folks. A news reporter has opened their mouth to say the name 'Jeremy Hunt' and instead begun his surname with something else.

This really isn't a surprise at this point, if anything it's more of an impromptu tradition as so many news reporters have ended up doing the same thing over the years.

You can witness the huge on-air blunder below:

Even now writing this I feel some inexorable pull towards my keyboard's 'c' key, as though there is some mystical force at play.

Although more likely is that the surname 'Hunt' is one of the names most in danger of being misspoken as a see you next Tuesday.

The latest in a long line of news reporters to make the mix-up was ITV's Nina Hossain, who was speaking to a correspondent about the news that Tory MP Michelle Donelan had accused an academic of supporting Hamas and the sum paid in compensation as a result had been taxpayer money.

She quickly corrected herself.

"To the other big political story if we can turn our attention to that," Hossain said live on air mere seconds before making a slip of the tongue.

"The Labour leader is the latest to criticise the government for using taxpayers' money to compensate for a minister's mistake after the Science Secretary Michelle Donelan falsely accused an academic of supporting Hamas.

"She spoke to Mr C**t, Mr Hunt, how did he respond to calls for her to resign?"

That's the peril of live television, whatever you say or do is going to be on screen and broadcast to the nation, and this time Nina was the one to fall victim to the slip up over Jeremy Hunt that has claimed so many before her.

She later apologised for her 'slip of the tongue' at the end of the news show, but plenty watching at home were more amused than anything.

It's something Jeremy Hunt has been called often as it's a regular slip of the tongue.
Kirsty Wigglesworth - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Someone talking about Jeremy Hunt and calling him Jeremy C**t is really nothing new and Hossein is one of many who has 'dropped a clanger' as one viewer put it.

Other viewers praised her for managing to 'get through the moment' while a third said 'what a time to be alive'.

Currently chancellor of the exchequer, people have been inadvertently calling Hunt the c word for years as he spent an extended period of time as health secretary.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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