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Builder who won £105m EuroMillions prize stunned neighbour with kind gesture

Builder who won £105m EuroMillions prize stunned neighbour with kind gesture

Steve Thomson won the jackpot back in 2019, but managed to remain loyal to his customers.

A former EuroMillions winner once defied all odds and managed to stay humble upon collecting his prize.

Cast your mind back to 2019 - 42-year-old Steve Thomson had just discovered he was in for a very cosy Christmas.

In November, the father-of-three discovered that he’d won a tasty £105million on the lottery.

Yes, dreams really can come true.

The builder won an incredible prize after entering the EuroMillions in 2019.

At the time, Thomson was just a humble tradesman who owned his own business selling windows and conservatories to the residents of Selsey in West Sussex.

However, after securing the jackpot, he went on to shut up shop and later spent his earnings on a stunning six-bedroom terrace house.

According to The Mirror, the property was purchased a year after he won his cash and reportedly featured a swimming pool and a tennis court.

Four years on and it’s claimed that Thomson, now 47, no longer plies his trade as a builder.

Instead, he spends time with his family at their home in Kent and likes to walk their dog.

However, the businessman didn’t just earn his moolah and cancel any remaining customer contracts.

The father-of-three won big on the lottery, but didn't immediately quit his job.

Instead, the EuroMillions star actually completed a kind act for one of his neighbours and proved that there really are some good people in the world.

A month after winning the lottery, the millionaire was still working on a conservatory for one of his customers.

In an act of goodwill, he reportedly decided not to charge them for the project and instead insisted that they kept their cash for the festive season.

At the time, The Sun allegedly spoke to the neighbour, who did not want to be named.

They said: “He didn't charge. It shows he's a top bloke, a decent man.

Steve and his wife Lenka later purchased a six-bedroom house with their winnings.

"We didn't ask him about the win because he’s probably had enough of talking about it.

“I think it's quite nice for him to be able to work still because it takes his mind off the pressures of what to do with the money.”

Despite the lotto king hanging up his hard hat in 2020, a close friend recently reported that he was missing the workplace ‘banter’.

In an interview with The Sun, the source allegedly said: “Steve obviously feels really lucky to be in the position he’s in.

“But nothing could’ve prepared him for the change in his life after he won the EuroMillions.

“He’s a very modest, humble bloke and loved his life as a builder.

“Steve misses the job and all that comes with it, like the great lads he worked with and the brilliant banter they had together on site.”

It’s also claimed that despite owning a Lamborghini, a Tesla and three Range Rovers, the devoted dad still drives his wife’s second-hand Volvo.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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