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Sticky Vicky's daughter started watching mum's shows aged 14 and now performs it herself

Sticky Vicky's daughter started watching mum's shows aged 14 and now performs it herself

Maria Gadea has followed in her mother's footsteps and has became a Benidorm star in her own right.

Sticky Vicky's daughter is certainly a chip off the old block.

Maria Gadea is her mother's mini me and has followed in the legendary performer's footsteps to become a star of Benidorm's strip.

She famously adopted her mum's iconic stage name when she took over the bizarre family business in 2016.

Maria announced Sticky Vicky's tragic death on 29 November.
Facebook/Sticky Vicky Official

Vicky passed the torch to her only daughter when she retired at the age of 72.

She had acquired a cult following throughout her 30-year career and her 'vaginal magic show' became world famous.

The star, who passed away today (29 November), certainly put a graft in and helped pave the way for Maria to takeover.

It seems the pair had planned out Vicky's retirement and her daughter's succession for many years - as Maria started watching the shows and picking up on her mother's talents at the tender age of 14.

As well all know, Sticky Vicky is notorious for her X-rated magic show in the Spanish resort beloved by Brits, where she pulls a range of baffling objects out from inside her vagina.

One of her best-known tricks included popping out ping pong balls - which she can aim (and land) - into cups.

It's not the usual mother and teen daughter activity, but these two were certainly cut from the same cloth.

The star's daughter now carries the torch and performs under her mum's stage name.

Maria told the Daily Star: "I liked the show and I had no idea I could do something like that. I remember she was super shy and worried about what I would think.

"I told her that I loved seeing her and I liked her show. It never turned out for me to see her do a daring routine, my mind was already open and very mature.

"I could process what I saw in addition to having my own opinion."

But being the daughter of one of Benidorm's most loved entertainers wasn't all glitz and glam.

Maria explained people at school 'made fun of her a lot' as gossiping parents used to spread the word about her mum's unorthodox job.

"A lot of parents at home would talk about my mother and [their kids] would later express it," she said. "That’s what children do. I now have children and it is the elders who are responsible for them listening to what is correct."

And lucky for Sticky Vicky, having your daughter as a willing understudy comes quite in handy.

Maria said she finally took the plunge and attempted to fill her mum's shoes 'when everyone wanted to take advantage of her name and lie to the public about who her daughter was'.

"My intention was to ally myself with my mother to be stronger, and shut up the liars," she added.

Sticky Vicky performed at the Red Lion in Benidorm.
Facebook/Red Lion

The performer said she has 'never been afraid' about living up to people's expectations and was confident that her show could rival her mum's.

The apple really didn't fall far from the tree with these two.

She continued: "I am hardworking and constant, whoever cannot appreciate my art I feel sorry for them. We cannot please everyone."

Maria will now shoulder the responsibility of keeping Vicky's extraordinary legacy alive through her own antics on stage with her 'sexy magic shows'.

Sticky Vicky also has a son named Eduardo, who was reportedly fathered by a mystery Sicilian mobster, but he hasn't made a bid for his late mother's raunchy title.

The Benidorm star, real name Victoria María Aragüés Gadea, died early on 29 November, her daughter announced.

She said her mum passed away 'surrounded by her family with all of our love', and said she 'can't believe' she has gone.

"I thank God for being able to always be by her side, I am left with a broken heart."

Maria revealed earlier this year that Vicky had been diagnosed with dementia.

Featured Image Credit: Maria Gadea/Facebook Stick Vicky Official/Facebook

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