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Tesco customers could find a lot of money with simple check which many people forget to do

Tesco customers could find a lot of money with simple check which many people forget to do

You could be missing out on savings if you've forgotten about this

If there’s one thing the majority of us Brits can all agree on, it’s that we absolutely love a bargain.

Discounts, offers and getting cash back, you just can’t beat that total smugness at the checkout when your shopping goes down.

Before that all-too familiar voice on the till finishes asking if we’ve got a loyalty card we’re already scanning the code - of course I bloody have! Who do you take me for?

And obviously, one of those major accounts many shoppers have has to be the trusty Tesco Clubcard.

While the prices of our weekly shops may seem to be rising and rising, the Clubcard often helps save us a little cash with its discounts. But there’s a simple check many customers forget to do that could be saving them even more money at Tesco.

You could be missing out on savings.
Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

For those who are somehow getting through their days shopping there without a Clubcard at all, here’s how the handy accounts work.

Shoppers can collect points anytime they use their Clubcard in-store or online at Tesco, with every £1 spent, earning one point.

And here’s where many customers are missing out big time.

Turns out plenty of people completely forget about all those points they’ve racked up, with each point worth 1p.

As these points add up, they can be exchanged into vouchers once they hit a minimum of 150 points.

That means once you’ve spent £340, you could use your points to get an entire meal deal - that’d be a decent pick-me-up in the week, getting a somewhat free lunch.

Your points would be worth a fair bit.
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The vouchers can be used to spend at Tesco, or they can be doubled up and used at reward partners including the likes of Alton Towers Resort, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Cineworld and BrewDog Bars.

After realising the points she’d racked up, one user wrote on X: “I don’t know who needs to read this but check your Tesco Clubcard points/vouchers. I had £69 on mine. You can check yours online. Free money. Let’s go!”

To access any vouchers you might be owed, login to your account on or on the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app.

At ‘My Points’, there’ll be an option to ‘Turn your points into vouchers’.

Once you’ve done this, requested vouchers will be valid for two years and will state an expiry date.

Tesco previously had to send out warnings to customers to spend their vouchers, with shoppers accumulating millions in unused points - so it’s definitely worth checking yours so you don’t miss out on any savings.

Featured Image Credit: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images/Getty Stock Photo

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