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Nana has 'no idea what’s hit her' when grandson posts table number for Wetherspoons game

Nana has 'no idea what’s hit her' when grandson posts table number for Wetherspoons game

A lad decided to treat his nana and grandad to a round of the Wetherspoons game, it went well

A lad who decided to play the Wetherspoons game with his grandparents ended up doing very well out of it, though his nana and grandad were a bit surprised.

If you've not heard of it, the Wetherspoons game involves posting your table number to a Facebook group in the hope that strangers will use the Spoons app to order you drinks.

A devoted grandson going by the name of Mark Hamlet (at least on Facebook) posted that he'd 'brought nana and grandad out for their early night cap' and explained to them how the Wetherspoons game works.

However, it turns out Mark's grandparents were a bit sceptical as 'nana thinks she's about to be cloned and pension account emptied'.

He challenged his fellow Spoons enjoyers to 'show her we mean business', saying his nana liked 'a glass of malbec or merlot red' while his grandad 'likes a pint'.

Mark said he wanted 'nothing crazy', so the internet bought his grandad eight pints and his nana five glasses of wine.
Facebook/Mark Hamlet

With post made and punters alerted to Mark's pub and table number the game was on and people certainly didn't disappoint.

He later posted a picture of his grandparents at their table packed with what looked to be at least eight pints and five glasses of wine.

Mark had said he wanted 'nothing crazy' for his nana and grandad but it seems like his fellow players of the Wetherspoons game were just too generous and loved plying his grandparents with drinks.




Other people in the group absolutely loved Mark's post and his nana's reaction to suddenly having to quaff her way through five glasses of wine before bed.

One person wrote 'nana doesn't know what's hit her', while another said they were 'howling at this' and a third commented 'things like this help restore my faith in humanity'.

'Nana doesn't know what's hit her', players of the Wetherspoons game joked as they ordered her shots.
Facebook/Mark Hamlet

It is a pretty heartwarming story, and the Wetherspoons game is a lovely bit of good natured fun where strangers can treat each other and pass on a bit of generosity.

Someone else said they'd played it for a birthday and ended up getting bought four pitchers, 10 beers, two slices of cake and 'a few vodka and oranges'.

Back in 2020 a group playing the Wetherspoons game managed to amass £6,000 worth of food for the homeless with the help of charities.

However, you've got to be careful not to go crazy on the app as some people have been told off for 'ordering stupid stuff' and been blocked from placing any more orders on the app.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Mark Hamlet

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