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Wetherspoons announces first holiday park pub at Haven and it opens very soon

Wetherspoons announces first holiday park pub at Haven and it opens very soon

You'll now be able to go to 'Spoons without leaving your holiday park

If you've ever been off on holiday and thought 'I really wish I could pop into a Wetherspoons right now', then your oddly specific wish is about to be granted.

Normally a holiday is a chance to get away from it all, but if the urge takes you to pop into a comfortingly familiar pub, then a Haven holiday park is giving you that chance without even leaving.

The holiday company announced that they're going to be opening the first ever holiday park Wetherspoons at one of their sites.

Haven runs 38 holiday parks across the UK and Wetherspoons have signed an 'exclusive agreement' with them to run pubs there.

Now you'll be able to play the Wetherspoons game with people who are actually on holiday, though if someone's already on holiday then maybe they should be treating people who aren't to even things out a bit.

A CGI rendering of what the bar at Haven's first Wetherspoons will look like, the actual thing could be different.

Primrose Valley in Yorkshire will be the first holiday park to get a 'Spoons and the plan is for the pub to open up in March.

After that there are plans to open up more Wetherspoons pubs in more holiday parks, but further expansion plans are being kept under wraps for now.

The first one to open will have space for 250 people and have to fight for footfall with Slim Chickens, Papa Johns and Burger King.

Haven hasn't revealed the name of their first 'Spoons yet, but they promised to tease more pictures and videos of the venue along with a unique carpet designed just for their pub.

Each and every Wetherspoons has their own unique carpet design and the ones popping up in Haven will be no different.

Another CGI mock-up of the pub, what do we think of the potential decor?

Then again, maybe they'll pinch some elements from the carpets of 'Spoons that have been closed down in the past year as despite being a very popular pub chain, not every place manages to stay open.

If you're in a Wetherspoons at the moment, you're still in that window of time where you can take advantage of cheaper drinks and meals.

You can get food and drink from Wetherspoons from just £1.99 now, though the offer only lasts until 17 January and after that normal service resumes.

While people might quibble about the quality of the food and how it manages to emerge from the kitchen suspiciously quickly, it's hard to argue with the ability to find a Wetherspoons pretty much wherever you are in the UK, and now you can get one on your holiday.

Featured Image Credit: Haven

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