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Kids 'left crying' in creepy new video from 'shambles' Willy Wonka event

Kids 'left crying' in creepy new video from 'shambles' Willy Wonka event

This is the stuff of nightmares, not chocolate dreams

Timothée Chalamet has got nothing on this.

Sure, he might have starred in the big Wonka movie late last year, but it’s the ‘shambles’ Willy Wonka-inspired event that’s got everyone talking right now.

Having gone viral online, kids were ‘left crying’ and parents were fuming as they showed up to a House of Illuminati experience in Glasgow, where they’d been promised a ‘chocolate fantasy like never before’.

The event wasn't quite all it was made out to be.
Cara Lewis

Except it ended up in absolute chaos, with the police even being called and families demanding their cash back.

The ‘Willy’s Chocolate Experience’ got slammed as ‘absolutely appalling’, with one of the actors hired for the event telling LADbible it was an ‘absolute monstrosity’.

Cara Lewis described the event: “It was like a half empty warehouse with a bouncy castle in the corner a sweet stand.

"As a professional performer, I felt so embarrassed to be a part of this - it was the worst thing I’d ever seen.”

Stuart Sinclair

And now, a creepy new video shows part of the Roald Dahl-inspired experience with something parents certainly ‘don’t remember in Wonka’.

Following the nightmare weekend, a Facebook group was set up where people shared their disastrous experiences – aptly named ‘House of Illuminati Scam’.

The clip, which has been shared to LADbible by attendee Maryanne McCormack, shows the lead character – ‘Willy McDuff’ – taking a group of kids towards a full-length mirror where someone can be seen crouching down behind.

Then, a weird-looking silver-masked figure, in a black cloak pops up from behind, named ‘The Unkown’. Take a look:

As they start walking towards the group of kids, cries can be heard as one even says: "No!", with the little ones swiftly moving away from the creepy figure.

The clip was captioned on Facebook: “Does anyone actually know what this was. I’m still baffled and I don’t know if it’s me being daft I don’t remember this in Wonka, the kids were crying.”

Users commented to say the ‘kids were scared’ as they asked: “What were they thinking?!”

One pointed out: “That noise at the end I've heard so many times from my daughter. It translates as ‘I don't like this, get rid of it!’”

This wasn't in the film...
Facebook/Maryanne McCormack

As one parent put: “That would have terrified my children. Glad I didn’t get in now. I would have had to sleep in their bedroom for months after that, seriously.”

From a script shared into the group, it’s possible this villain was ‘The Unknown’ who seems to have been supposed to have a ‘showdown’ with Willy McDuff.

But Cara told LADbible that the actors were told to ‘abandon’ this script and ‘improvise’.

The organisers have since apologised for the event with director of House of Illuminati, Billy Coull, saying he was ‘truly and utterly sorry’ for the apparent shambles.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Maryanne McCormack

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