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Owners Haven't Picked Up Dog Found Riding Bus Alone

Owners Haven't Picked Up Dog Found Riding Bus Alone

An adorable dog who hopped on a bus in West Yorkshire is now in kennels after her owners haven't come forward to collect her.

The staffie-cross got on a 620 bus headed for Bradford city centre on her own on Wednesday 16 October.


Passengers and staff members looked after the forlorn-looking pooch, before taking her off the bus at the last stop and the unclaimed dog has since been taking to kennels, where she will stay for seven days to allow her owners time to come forward before potentially being re-homed.

Gemma Burton, who was on the bus when the dog got on, told the Yorkshire Post: "She got on at Bierley.

"She did try and get off the bus at one point but it was on the busy main road, so we got her to stay on and someone stayed with her on the bus before she was taken off at Bradford Interchange."

She is now at the Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue, where workers are concerned that the owner might not come forward.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Trustee Janet Burrell told the paper: "Whoever her owner is mustn't be missing her that much, it's been 48 hours now.

"She just got on the bus all by herself in Bierley and stayed on until she was removed by the staff in the city centre.

"We need a new home for her."

Anyone who might be interested in re-homing the gorgeous pooch can contact Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue on 07784184572, or [email protected]

Earlier this year, a cute boxer was found abandoned at the roadside in Hull. The pooch was found tied to a lamppost without food or water.

Graham Dobson found the dog in August this year and offered it something to eat and drink while waiting around to see if his owner turned up - but they didn't, so he called the dog warden.

Speaking to Hull Live, he said: "I came to work in the morning and found the dog tied up on the main road looking sad and scared.

"I got told by other people that he'd been tied up for more than an hour, and I fed and watered him as he'd been left with nothing and then called the dog warden to pick him up.

"It was heartbreaking to see he had been left and how upset he was, as he was a real nice dog and so friendly, just really scared.

"I don't understand why people would just dump a dog - they don't know right from wrong and I just felt so awful for him - I love animals and don't want to see them abandoned or mistreated."

The dog was taken to a specialist boxer rescue centre and will, hopefully, find his forever home soon.

Featured Image Credit: Gemma Burton/Facebook

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