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Police Called To Fight After Housemate Eats 'Too Loudly'

Jake Massey

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Police Called To Fight After Housemate Eats 'Too Loudly'

Police reported to a property after a fight reportedly broke out over a tenant eating 'too loudly'.

For those living in shared accommodation (particularly over the last year and a half) it can be a challenge to not get irked by the habits of your co-inhabitants - whether it's their reluctance to wash dishes or their love of nicking milk.

But in one gaff in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, UK, things boiled over after one housemate chewed too loudly.

On Twitter, Inspector Darren Taylor described it as a 'somewhat tense situation' on Monday (26 July).

He wrote: "Team attended a somewhat tense situation yesterday in BHill as two tenants in shared accommodation were reported to be fighting each other... due to one of them eating their food too loudly?

"After separating them, neither wanted to make any allegations apart from the food issue."

How much tolerance we have for loud eating varies from person to person; but for some, it is totally unbearable.

People such as Derrol Murphy, from San Diego, who suffers from misophonia - a rare mental disorder which causes certain noises to trigger heightened emotional responses, such as rage and panic.

The graphic design company production manager has lived with the condition for as long as he can remember, but spent the majority of his life thinking he was just 'crazy'.

His condition is so extreme that he has been unable to see relatives because of their throat clearing, unable to dine with noisy eaters and unable to work alongside pen clickers.

Derrol said: "I thought I was crazy for many years. Little noises would make me just fly into a rage.

"People don't understand it and I can't explain it. It's affected relationships, especially people I've been dating and family members, because you take it out on the people closest to you because you think they should understand.

"I'm not an aggressive person, noises just anger me. I've had to walk out on dates if they are chewing really loudly, my face gives it away - I pull a look of disgust I can't hide."

Derrol Murphy has lived with the rare condition as long as he can remember. Credit: Mercury Press
Derrol Murphy has lived with the rare condition as long as he can remember. Credit: Mercury Press

He continued: "Chewing is a big one and specific voices. I hear everything all the time.

"One noise can stick out and if I'm in a restaurant, I hear one person's voice and then I hear the cutlery, it makes me go crazy.

"The rustling of plastic bags drives me absolutely crazy, and I haven't been to the movies for more than 10 years because people opening food bags is a very bad trigger.

"It's definitely made dating interesting, and I haven't been able to speak to relatives for years as the throat clearing would make situations tense."

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

Topics: Police, Food, UK News, crime, Weird

Jake Massey
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