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Strangers Help Mum Swerve Ticket After She Parked Illegally To Rush Child To A&E

Jess Hardiman

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Strangers Help Mum Swerve Ticket After She Parked Illegally To Rush Child To A&E

A mum who parked illegally outside a hospital was spared the wrath of the traffic warden after people nearby recognised she was trying to help her poorly daughter.

Sarah Moore had rushed daughter Lacie-Christina to Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Lancashire, after the two-year-old split her head open.

A worried Sarah had ditched her car on double yellow lines outside the building so she could race inside with Lacie-Christina.

But rather than returning to her vehicle to find a parking ticket or an angry note, Sarah was surprised to find a kind handwritten message.


It turned out staff from the North West Private Ambulance Liaison Service (NWPALS) had noticed what was happening and had managed to 'sweet talk' a traffic warden into not issuing her a ticket.

Sarah, from Morecambe, Lancashire, said: "They didn't have to do that, it made things a lot easier.

"I was fully expecting to come out of the hospital and to have a parking ticket, I had come to terms with that, they made me feel a lot happier and made it so much easier."

Lacie-Christina had split her head open on the hinge of a door on 2 July, which was when mum Sarah decided to whizz her to hospital.


"It happened at my nan's," Sarah explained.

"Lacie was running between the patio doors and me, my nan has doors that open inwards so the hinges are on the inside.

"Lacie tripped on the carpet and hit the hinges, I thought she was alright at first but when I picked her up there was blood everywhere."

The note that was left on Sarah's car. Credit: Lancs Live WS
The note that was left on Sarah's car. Credit: Lancs Live WS

Sarah panicked after seeing her daughter's blood, and decided she needed to get her medical attention as soon as possible.

She continued: "When I saw the blood I thought I was going to pass out.

"I felt so ill, I asked my grandma to take Lacie and we put loads of towels on her to stop the blood but it was everywhere, all over her face and in her mouth.

"There was no time to call for an ambulance so I just put her in the car and got her there in 15 minutes, it was scary."


Arriving at the hospital, Sarah abandoned her car on the double yellow lines and ran Lacie-Christina into A&E.

"I arrived and just dumped the car," she said.

"The NWPALS people were outside and they warned me about the ticket but I said: 'I'm not bothered'.

"I just wanted to make sure my daughter was ok."


When her daughter was recovering, Sarah returned to her vehicle and was delighted to find the friendly note attached to her windscreen.

It read: "Good afternoon, we noticed you left your car here as you rushed your child into A&E.

"We spoke with the traffic warden and told him about your situation and managed to sweet talk him into letting you off under the circumstances.

"He wanted to us to let you know that you can leave the car in the ambulance bay across the road.

"We hope the little one is okay, kindest regards, staff at the North West Private Ambulance Liaison Services (NWPALS)."

Thankfully, Sarah was able to get Lacie-Christina home safe and sound - and without a parking fine.

Sarah was able to get her daughter home safe and sound without a parking fine.

"I can't thank them enough," she added.

"Not everyone would have done that."

Featured Image Credit: Lancs Live WS

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Jess Hardiman
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