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'Real life giant' says there are three questions he always gets asked by strangers

'Real life giant' says there are three questions he always gets asked by strangers

He describes himself as that 'one short 7’1 dude'

A 7ft 1in man has been forced to make big adjustments to his life for being significantly taller than the average person.

Growing up, Beau Brown - who stood at over six foot in his early teens - would look a lot older than the other kids and would often get teased about his age.

Though his late dad Duke and mum Lisa (who were 6ft9ins and 6ft) were not at all surprised by his height.

But because he's so tall, the US-based content creator struggles living in an average-sized world.

He's one of only 2,800 people in the world who are over seven feet tall.

Beau Brown is 7ft 1in tall. (SWNS)
Beau Brown is 7ft 1in tall. (SWNS)

With size 18 feet, Beau, 30, finds it difficult to shop for shoes and has been forced to get a custom 9ft bed made to accommodate his frame.

"I always knew I was tall as I was bigger than everyone else," he said.

"I was born 13lbs and the people in the hospital said I was the biggest baby they'd ever seen.

"Once I hit 14 years old I was 6ft and then in 10 years I grew 10 inches and there were some extreme growing pains.

"Travelling is horrible, but it has lot more pros to it than cons.

“Hotels are horrible, showers and even beds are, but I now have a custom bed at home.

Beau has to sleep in a custom-made nine foot bed. (SWNS)
Beau has to sleep in a custom-made nine foot bed. (SWNS)

"I would not change being 7ft 1in and I’m super used to it - the only thing that sucks is travelling."

Beau lives with his wife Sara, who is 6ft1in, and the pair recently welcomed their first baby, Delilah, four months old - she is already in the 99th percentile with the length of 26 inches.

Despite being settled in his personal life, people still stop him on the street, take pictures of him and stare.

The most common questions he gets are: "How tall are you? Do you play basketball? What car do you drive?"

Beau said: “I have learned to duck. I do it very naturally; it’s as easy as breathing.”

Travelling is difficult for Beau. (SWNS)
Travelling is difficult for Beau. (SWNS)

In one of Beau's most viral videos from 2022, he goes shoe shopping and he claimed that 'everyone was just laughing' at the fact he was looking for size 18 shoes.

Taking to the comments, however, were people who could relate, as one person commented: "I've worn a size 17 since I was 16 lol the struggle is very gotta be ready to go when any shoes drop cuz they go too damn quick."

"My son has size 14, 15 in snowboard boots… and it’s hard enough trying to find shoes that size!" a second added.

"My son had size 15 shoes at 13 years old. Now he wears a size 19 wide mens shoes. The struggle is real," wrote a third.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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