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Vet makes heartfelt plea to dog owner's putting their pet down

Vet makes heartfelt plea to dog owner's putting their pet down

The vet says the final moments are terrifying for an animal

If you've ever had the joy of owning a dog, you will no doubt have experienced the heartbreak of having to say goodbye.

Letting your furry companion go is something you never quite get over, much like losing a close relative.

But while nothing can take away the pain you feel from losing an animal, one vet has offered a piece of advice to those having to have their dog put down.

In a post to Reddit, the anonymous vet explained that animals are always scared during their final moments.

"It might be hard to say goodbye but it's hell for them," she wrote.

"They already don't like the vet, they're confused, they're scared, they're sad and they're looking for you when they take their last breath.

It's hard to say goodbye to a pet.
Montgomery Martin/Alamy

"I can try to provide them as much love and comfort as I humanly can but at the end of the day, I'm a stranger to them."

Recalling a story from a dog owner, who left while her 13-year-old pet was euthanised, the vet urged people to stay.

She explained that it's vital you offer some comfort as they slip away.

"I told her we didn't have a vet in the clinic as she was on farm calls all day, but she insisted on leaving her there at 9 am knowing that our vet wouldn't be back until well after 6 pm," she said.

"She was too busy to bring her back later, so she left her sweet girl to be alone all day before dying.

"I kept her with me for most of the day, took her for a small walk, bought her a cheeseburger and doughnut on my lunch and laid on the ground and cuddled her while she cried, scared and confused.

"I kissed her and told her she was a good girl while she crossed the rainbow bridge, but her eyes never stopped looking for her family.

"Dogs know what's happening, don't do this to them. Be there when they cross that bridge. It won't kill you, I promise."

The vet urged owners to stay with their dogs when they're being put down.
Lev Dolgachov/Alamy

After reading the post, tons of people piled into the comments to share their thoughts.

Many shared their own stories of losing animals.

One user said: "Seeing my dog euthanised was one of the worst experiences of my life, but I would never have made her go through that alone. People don't deserve dogs, they are too good for us."

Another recalled: "I’ve sat in the room with every family dog and last year, my first 'me' dog needed some peace after nearly 17 years of life.

"The biggest issue was her cognitive decline - I don’t think she even know where she was any more and I’m sure it was very stressful for her.

"When the vet gave her the sedative (prior to the euthanasia) she finally looked at peace for the first time in about two months.

"I saw my baby dog again and she was so beautiful and sweet. My ex who basically raised her with me was in the room too and we both hugged and kissed her. It’s sad but also great to finally give them the peace they deserve."

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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