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Couple Go Out For Halloween Dressed As Gordon Ramsay's 'Idiot Sandwich'

Couple Go Out For Halloween Dressed As Gordon Ramsay's 'Idiot Sandwich'

Finally, it's here - a positive fancy dress story at this crucial fancy dress time of year. Memes are the way forward, folks, and it doesn't get much better than this.

One couple has decided that they would go to a fancy dress party this year dressed as Gordon Ramsay in an iconic scene on the parody 'Hell's Cafeteria' - which became a meme - where he calls one of the trainee chefs an 'idiot sandwich'.


He then holds two pieces of bread against her head and gets her to admit that she is - in actual fact - an idiot sandwich.

It's funny, it's clever. I mean, just look at it. It's glorious.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

The woman who plays the 'idiot sandwich chef' explained on Reddit how they came to the decision to dress up in this fashion.

Lauren - as we think she is called judging from her Reddit username - said: "We were both absolutely stumped as to what to dress up as for Halloween, and after searching on the internet for days we basically gave up.


"I was just scrolling through Twitter when I saw this classic meme and we knew we should do it.

"Both of us already looked similar to Ramsey and the female chef so it worked great. We borrowed coats from our chef friends, and bought the exact same chef's hats as seen on the girl in the original meme from Chef's Hat Inc.

"When it came time to put the costume on, I literally super glued bread to my headband and we were all set."

There you go - if ever there were a good illustration of the phrase 'necessity is the mother of invention' - this is it.

However, not everyone has found it so easy this year.

Whilst we're on the subject of idiot sandwiches, this Halloween it feels as if there are a lot of people who just haven't got the memo. First of all, it's Halloween, so you're supposed to dress up as someone scary, not someone racist.

Whilst that sounds as if it should be a simple decision, it evidently isn't.

One nurse has already lost her job for dressing up in blackface as Beyoncé alongside her boyfriend - who, if were being honest, looks worse - as Jay Z.

Another person in the past week has been under investigation for a similar crime - this time, going to a party dressed as LaFawnduh from the film Napoleon Dynamite.

That's not even a good reference. At least people know who Beyoncé is. That still doesn't make it OK.

Just be more like these two, guys.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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