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Dad Loses Daughter's Hamster And Sends Her Hilarious Panicked Text Messages

Dad Loses Daughter's Hamster And Sends Her Hilarious Panicked Text Messages

Steph Veerman tweeted the fiasco after her dad text her telling her there was an 'emergency'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Anyone that has ever had a beloved pet will know how much responsibility comes with it. Which explains why Steph Veerman's dad quite honestly freaked out when he lost his daughter's pet hamster, Chester.

Steph's lawyer dad, Daniel Veerman, called his 19-year-old daughter, who is in her sophomore year at Emmanuel College in Boston, while 'blubbering'.

Chester, who has been described as 'pretty chill' and fond of his downtime, and isn't one to pull a fast one like this, had been put into his exercise ball.

Then he managed to open said ball and go for a wander - judging by the texts he sent his daughter, Daniel was left distraught.

One message read: "This is the absolute worst ever," which was followed with another saying: "I'm never going to forgive myself if he doesn't come back".

Shortly afterwards, Daniel texted again: "If I can't find him today I'm not going to work tomorrow so I can keep looking."

Steph responded: "Dad - he's just a hamster I don't blame you at ALL. You shouldn't skip work you are a lawyer and he is a hamster." Hmm, checks out.

Daniel put things down he knew Chester would like.

In the end, Daniel resorted to luring Chester to return home by putting out the hamster's favourite treats, including peanut butter, as well as laying flour down on the floor in order to 'see his footsteps'. Clever! Sounds like he's done this before.

For anyone still worrying, Chester did come back safe and sound after a day that Daniel dubbed as 'the most stressful day in my life since I took the bar exam'.

Naturally, Steph shared the joyous news:

But after posting the story online, including images of the texts, a few people opted to call out Steph over her 'just a hamster' comment.

She responded by writing: "For all asking, this is Chester!! He's the light of my life and not 'just a hamster', however, my dad was having a panic attack so i tried to calm him down by saying that!!"

Fair enough. Anyway, all's well that ends well.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@stephyj725

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