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Guy Talks To Police Officer As If He's A Police Officer

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Guy Talks To Police Officer As If He's A Police Officer

A YouTuber confronted a police officer, speaking to him as if her were a cop himself.

James Freeman was sick of being asked the 'same silly questions' by police, so he decided to get his own back.

And unsurprisingly, it didn't go down too well at all. At. All.

In a video posted to his channel, he can be seen speaking to Detective Mike Jardene from the Camp Verde Marshall's Office.


Det Jardene can be heard asking Freeman 'what's this about' after spotting him filming in what appears to be a car park at an apartment complex.

The cop then walks over to him, asking him again what he's doing there and why he's recording him and his partner.

Watch the encounter below:


Freeman says: "I'm asking the questions. Where have you been today?"

After the cop interrupts, telling him, 'No, you have to answer my questions', and stuttering slightly, Freeman then asks: "Are you drunk? Why are you slurring your words today?"

He then goes on to interrogate the officer about where he had been and what he had been up to during his shift - 'Been to the bar at all?' he says.

After being asked who he is, Freeman tells Det Jardene that he's an 'investigative journalist' who is 'investigating corrupt officials'.


This is when things quickly start to get a little heated, with the cop calling Freeman's questions 'ridiculous' and turning to his colleague for back-up.

Credit: James Freeman/YouTube
Credit: James Freeman/YouTube

After telling Freeman that he has 'five minutes to get out of here' because he's on private property, the YouTuber shouts back at him to 'shut the hell up'.

He says: "Get your butt back in your office and do your job. You get your butt back in your office and do your job!


"You quit drinking on the job, you understand me? You punk ass!

"You're a stupid mother f***er, aren't you?! Get your ass back in there, don't you look back here again!"

Det Jardene can then be seen walking back into a property, following his colleague through a gate and into a property.

Walking behind him, Freeman then adds: "You quit drinking on the job, boy. You understand me? I'll be watching you, you are now under investigation."

Featured Image Credit: James Freeman/YouTube

Topics: Police, US News, Weird, YouTube

Dominic Smithers
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