Man’s Explanation As To Why He’s Stupid Leaves People In Disbelief

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Man’s Explanation As To Why He’s Stupid Leaves People In Disbelief

A man has shocked people on the internet after posting a video to TikTok where he opened up about a particularly embarrassing exchange between him and a friend. Watch below:


Taking part in the social media challenge where people show that they're stupid without actually saying as much, the guy shared his own tale of incompetence.

In the video, he discusses how he once asked a pal, who only had one hand, why he wore his watch on a specific wrist.


At the start of the video, a voice says: "Tell me that you're stupid without actually telling me you're stupid."

The man then says: "I used to have a friend who didn't have a hand on his left arm, but he always had a watch on that wrist.

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

"And one day I asked him, I'm, like, 'Bro, I wanted to ask you this question a long time ago, but, f*** it, why do you have a watch on that wrist where you don't have a hand? Aren't you afraid it's gonna fall off?'


"[His friend replied] 'That's kind of a f***ed up question, but the reason I have a watch on that wrist is because if I put it it on the other wrist, how the f*** am I gonna put it on?'

"So I was, like, 'Yeah, it's a f***ed up question, I'm kind of stupid for asking that.'"

But while he was left feeling pretty stilly for not realising why his mate chose that wrist in the first place, he wasn't alone.

Since the video was reshared on Twitter, it has been viewed over 2.3 million times, with many admitting they had to wait until the end of the video until they understood why it was a stupid question.


Commenting on the video, one user said: "Why I only realise till the very end why it was a stupid question?"


Another chimed in, admitting: "Lmaoooooo I feel dumb bc I was waiting for the end to find out why that was a stupid question."

"We all should have realized it from jump omggg," wrote a third.

While another added: "YEAHHHHHHHHH as it turns out - l am also stupid."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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