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Six-Year-Old Earns Over $11 Million A Year From His YouTube Channel

Six-Year-Old Earns Over $11 Million A Year From His YouTube Channel

A six year-old has become one of YouTube's highest earners, raking in a staggering $11 million thanks to his channel reviewing toys.

Are you ready to be both extremely jealous and extremely impressed? Then we have just the thing for you. Namely a six year-old called Ryan, who is reportedly bringing home $11 million (pre-tax) every year thanks to his YouTube channel.

Yes, you read that right. Ryan is the host of Ryan ToysReview - not the catchiest name - which has put him in the number eight spot of Forbes' highest-paid YouTube stars, alongside the sketch comedy Smosh.

Which means that earning $11 million doesn't even get you in the top three. We're definitely in the wrong profession. The top spot was this year taken by gamer Daniel Middleton (DanTDM), after the previous king of YouTube (and YouTube cash) PewDiePie - real name Felix Kjellberg - saw a drop off in advertisers after making some racist comments.

Ryan's fame and fortune began when The Verge profiled his channel, which was started in March 2015. Four months later, in July, it had gone viral.

Not ones to miss out on a good thing - or a chance to quit their day jobs, naturally - Ryan's family began releasing videos on an almost daily basis. Which, given that the above video has, at the time of writing, more than 801 million views, probably made sense.

We tried to do the maths on that one video alone, but the total amount depends on other things like advertising clicks and stuff like that. On views alone, that video would have netted Ryan - sorry, his parents - more than $800,000 though.

Ryan was only four when he decided he wanted to review toys on YouTube, because he spent most of his time playing with toys and watching YouTube toy reviews.

He's guided by his parents, who do the filming and the coaxing and the narrating and the directing, but Ryan's sparkling personality and infectious, unbridled enthusiasm definitely takes centre stage.

That said, we watched the first minute and two seconds of the above video before we had to turn it off, so whoever's watching definitely has more patience than us.

By all accounts, that's a lot of people. Ryan has almost 10 million subscribers, which alone would generate more than $1 million in revenue.

So, um. We'll be right back. We're just going to go dig up our old He-Men action figures. Damn it. Where are they?!

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