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Trans Man Says He Can Take Girlfriends Off Guys 'Whenever He Wants'

Trans Man Says He Can Take Girlfriends Off Guys 'Whenever He Wants'

Demitri Rodriguez says he understands what women want because he used to be one.

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

A transgender man says he can nick a woman off any man because he 'knows how the vagina works'. Watch below:

Demitri Rodriguez, from Stratford-upon-Avon, said women he's been with in the past have vowed to date only trans men because of his skills in the bedroom.

The 22-years-old, who says he didn't grow up with the 'f**k boy mentality', revealed that he has also been contacted by tonnes of women asking him out on dates after seeing one of his TikTok videos.

Demitri said: "We know how the vagina works.

"The amount of female friends I've had who have told me they've had s**t sex because lads don't know how to find the clit.

"I was born with one, so at least I know. I've slept with girls before who've said they wouldn't date anybody other than a trans man from that point on.

"They say sex just isn't the same."

Kennedy News and Media

The recruitment resourcer said there's no danger of a trans man running out on a girl after getting them pregnant, they are more sympathetic with things like periods and also have a much better dress sense than other men.

Demitri made the case for dating trans men in a TikTok video, which has been viewed over 50,000 times and received hundreds of comments.

He said: "I put the video out because I've heard a lot from my trans mates that women won't date them because of body parts and what-not.

"And because I'm so open about myself, I thought I would give people something to talk about.

"I wasn't expecting the video to get as much attention as it did. I also wasn't expecting women to be contacting me saying they wanted to go on dates with me. That was a little bit of a shock.

Kennedy News and Media

And it seems a lot of women were convinced by his argument.

"It was a bit overwhelming. I've had attention from girls before, but not on that level. It came as a massive shock," said Demitri.

"I didn't realise that many people wanted to date a trans man. I even had some comments saying 'You've changed my opinion' and 'I think I'd rather date a trans man over a cis man'.

"There's two girls who've reached out that have caught my eye."

Kennedy News and Media

He says that he has generally found women to be more open to his gender, whilst other men can often get intimidated.

Demitri said: "I think they feel threatened by the fact that I could turn around and take their girlfriend off them if I wanted to.

"I think trans men tend to be more empathetic because we were once a woman. My trans mates will have partners turn to them and say 'You're more empathetic than other guys'.

"I know what girls go through. I was catcalled when I was female. Certain lads are raised with a certain mentality, where they think it's acceptable to pinch a girl's a*se in a nightclub.

"I wouldn't do that - because I know it feels. I know how a girl feels."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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