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Weird Video Shows Meat 'Crawl' Away From Plate

Weird Video Shows Meat 'Crawl' Away From Plate

A weird video that appears to show a slab of raw meat moving by itself, as though it's come back to life, has gone viral.


In the clip the skinned animal, which people are calling everything from a chicken to a frog, can be seen piled upon a plate with other similar-looking pieces of meat. However, it then seems to have had enough and hoists itself up and moves towards the edge of the plate, it then takes a tumble off the plate and hits the deck.

Naturally, the woman who is about to prepare the meat begins to scream. I think a lot of the screaming I heard while watching the clip came from me, but some of it is definitely happening at the scene.

Honestly, it's one of the weirdest videos I've ever seen and I work here, so can you imagine the weird videos I see on a daily basis?

Shocked social media users have lost their heads over the clip as they try to figure out what exactly is going on.

Now, I'm no animal expert, but it seems to me that this is some sort of possessed meat, which isn't keen on being eaten, right?


However, some commenters have said the weird phenomena can happen when nerve endings in the animal have not died yet.

Others have said the meat is reacting to being salted, like in a similar viral clip that appears to show a dead squid coming back to life.

And of course, there's a very real chance the whole thing is faked. Here's hoping anyway, or I reckon sales of meat might be set to plummet if it's walking about on us.

Earlier this year, a bizarre clip showing a live octopus fighting back after a vlogger reportedly wanted to tuck in was shared online.

The vlogger - known as 'seaside girl Little Seven' - shared a short clip of herself holding up the tentacled beast, when all of a sudden it lunges and latches on to her face.

The vlogger was left with a small cut to her cheek. Credit: Kuaishou
The vlogger was left with a small cut to her cheek. Credit: Kuaishou

Amidst the shrieking and panicking, she can be heard saying: "Look how hard it's sucking."

She adds: "I can't remove it." Before true panic-mode truly sets in and she rags the poor animal off.

Showing her cut face to the camera, the upset vlogger adds: "My face is disfigured."


Featured Image Credit: Rie Prettyredbone Phillips

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Claire Reid

Claire is a journalist at LADbible who, after dossing around for a few years, went to Liverpool John Moores University. She graduated with a degree in Journalism and a whole load of debt. When not writing words in exchange for money she is usually at home watching serial killer documentaries surrounded by cats. You can contact Claire at [email protected]

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