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Ex-Paratrooper Hoping To Jump 200 Feet From Helicopter Without A Parachute

Ex-Paratrooper Hoping To Jump 200 Feet From Helicopter Without A Parachute

John Bream wants to break the record for highest free jump and highest jump into water

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

An ex-paratrooper is hoping to break a world record by jumping out of a helicopter from 200 feet into the sea without a parachute.

Well, he's certainly going to break something - let's just hope it's only the record, shall we?

John Bream, from Hampshire, wants the record for the highest free jump from a helicopter and highest jump in to water when he makes his attempt into The Solent in September.

The 34-year-old, who has been nicknamed 'The Flying Fish' reckons that at the quickest he'll be falling into the sea at 80 miles per hour.

He said: "It's quite exciting, I am confident in my ability, it's all down to the training and my training is going really well, my confidence is at a high.

"It's pretty dangerous but there are multiple safety precautions I will take"

John Bream/Facebook

Those precautions include two safety divers and a boat sitting down below him in order to make sure that he lands safely and gets out as quickly as possible after his effort.

The precautions don't extend to a parachute, but that wouldn't do him much god at 200 feet anyway.

Bream continued: "I will be taken up in a Hughes 500 helicopter. I anticipate dropping through the air for around four seconds, hitting the water roughly 80mph and submerging to about six to eight metres' depth.

"My knees and ankles will be braced and there will be a pump on a boat below to break the surface tension of the water."

In case you're wondering why he's doing all of this - and that's a legitimate question - he's trying to raise funds and awareness for services mental health charity All Call Signs and Support Our Paras.

John Bream/Facebook

He explained: "I am a former member of the Parachute Regiment and served with them around the globe in peacetime and war fighting.

"Having served with some of the finest people, hearing about veteran suicide and knowing good people that have sadly taken their own lives is so painful.

"The transition from the military is difficult but I want to show that we don't need to live in the past and we all can still achieve brilliance."

As it stands, the record is 191 feet, achieved by extreme athlete Laso Schaller at Cascata del Salto in Switzerland back in 2015.

Bream will be hoping to better than in September, and you can support his efforts on his GoFundMe page.

Featured Image Credit: John Bream

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