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Google Earth Shows Pile Of Skeletal Remains On The Ground In Chernobyl

Google Earth Shows Pile Of Skeletal Remains On The Ground In Chernobyl

The abandoned site continues to throw up mysteries

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

If you ever find yourself feeling a little bored - and who doesn't at the moment? - you could go and have a look around some places of the world you wouldn't normally go to see if there's anything interesting.

How about a nice Google Earth trip to Chernobyl, where you might even spot a pile of bones that could even be the remains of a human?

Take a look at this video from a TikTok account that takes the time to search these sorts of places.

OK, so it's not clear whether or not these remains are those of an actual person, but you can see quite clearly, it's a pile of bones.

Obviously, the Chernobyl disaster killed a lot of people, and there are heaps of stories about what happened in the immediate and longer term aftermath of the nuclear disaster.

However, it's not known whether there are still human remains knocking about just in the open like these.

That said, we do have one account of such a discovery.

Caters News Agency

Back in 2018, a man called Neil Ansell, also called the Abandoned Explorer, travelled to the nuclear plant in Ukraine that was the site of one of the world's worst nuclear disasters in 1986.

The official line is that 28 people died of acute radiation poisoning, and no-one really knows how many conditions and deaths the tragedy was responsible for afterwards.

Either way, the site was abandoned because of the radioactivity, and perhaps some of the remains of those who died were left behind.

As Neil went about the site, he spotted a pile of remains that look eerily similar to those found on Google Earth.

However, he didn't think that the bones were those of a human.

In fact, he joked in the video that they belonged to 'The Chernobyl Giant', before saying that they probably came from some sort of animal.

TikTok/Google Earth

In the video, Neil said: "I don't know what kind of animal that would have been.

"Whatever it was had really thick bones. It's just a really weird place to see a load of bones."

To be fair, it's not that strange a place to see a pile of bones, given that it is the site of a disaster and has been abandoned to all but animals who have no concept of radiation for decades.

People who do visit the site in normal times - if such a thing ever exists in Chernobyl - have been told that they mustn't pet the animals that inhabit the site now, because they're probably seriously contaminated.

Still, you can take a virtual tour on Google Earth if you like, just be warned, you might get more than you bargained for.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Google Earth

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