Model Shows Off Results Of Training His Jaw For Two Months

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Model Shows Off Results Of Training His Jaw For Two Months

A model who trained his jaw for two months to improve his image has revealed the astonishing results in a TikTok video. Watch below:


The video shows Luca Marchesi chewing on a plastic-looking contraption while showing off his jawline.

Cutting to another shot, Marchesi shows what can only be called unbelievable results.


One user commented: "Gonna turn into a triangle soon if you don't calm down."

Others referred to him as Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks, a Dorito, a bike seat, or someone out of the children's TV series Lazy Town.

And indeed the comments appear to have been too much for model Marchesi.

He's gained 1.8 million views of the viral video and has now amassed over 910k followers, but is now threatening to close his account

Credit: lucamarchesi_lm/TikTok
Credit: lucamarchesi_lm/TikTok

Marchesi said in a new video: "I wanted to make a short announcement.

"I intend to close this TikTok account.

"I'm sorry for everyone who follows me, but by now out of five comments I get, four are insults or criticisms.


"We had fun together but it doesn't make sense to continue."

It is uncertain if Marchesi will follow through and delete his successful account on the platform after the comments he received for the videos.

In a previous interview he told Webboh he weighed 104kg at 18 years old.

"It was not a good time, as I had just broken up with my girlfriend, which made me feel that she no longer liked me physically and that I had grown too big," he said.


"A few months later I started going to some fashion agencies.

"I remember that I shot at at least five or six, and they all rejected me because I was too big and had a face that was too round."

Credit: lucamarchesi_lm/TikTok
Credit: lucamarchesi_lm/TikTok

A director at one of the modelling agencies told Marchesi to come back after losing 30kg.


The model took it as a challenge, which led him to where he is now.

Marchesi now brands himself on TikTok as the 'CEO of Jawline', although it's unclear who else works for the company.

Many of his videos show him using his jawline gymnastics exerciser or flexing half-naked in a corridor, as you do.

Marchesi said: "Those who follow me know that in addition to training that jaw there was more, and I posted some important messages."

Words: Clifford Mason

Featured Image Credit: lucamarchesi_lm/TikTok

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