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Your local could be up for sale as Wetherspoon is selling off 32 pubs

Your local could be up for sale as Wetherspoon is selling off 32 pubs

People have been left conflicted over the news that Wetherspoon is selling 32 of its pubs.

People have been left conflicted over the news that Wetherspoon is selling 32 of its pubs.

As if the cost of living crisis wasn't bad enough already, you might now have to trek even further to be able to get your hands on a cheap pint.

Soon, the days where you have to toddle no more than 15 minutes down the road to tuck into a chicken wrap, chips and pint all for under a tenner may be gone.

Pub giant JP Wetherspoon plc has revealed it is selling not just a few, but a whopping 32 of its establishments as a result of increasing energy, food and employment costs.

JD Wetherspoon is selling off 32 of its pubs.
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According to JDW Disposals, '10 freehold and 22 leasehold properties' have been 'identified for disposal' by the pub giant.

The sale of the properties will be handled by global commercial real estate service CBRE and fellow real estate company Savills.

The properties included are in 'high-profile locations including major town and city centres and a service station' and 'are being considered for sale either as a portfolio, in small packages, or individually, are located across the UK and will appeal to existing operators, new entrants or those seeking alternative use subject to obtaining the appropriate consents'.

But will your local be on the list?

CBRE and Savills will handle the sale of the properties.
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The list of 32 Wetherspoon pubs set to be sold include nine locations in London: Battersea's Asparagus, East Ham's Miller's Well, Eltham's Bankers Draft, Forest Gate's Hudson Bay, Forest Hill's Capitol, Hornsey's Toll Gate, Holborn's Penderel's Oak, Islington's Angel and Palmers Green's Alfred Herring.

The Silkstone Inn in Barnsley is also up for sale, as well as the Hope and Champion in Beaconsfield, Wrong 'Un in Bexleyheath, Christopher Creeke in Bournemouth, Bank House in Cheltenham, Water House in Durham, Percy Shaw in Halifax, Jolly Sailor In Hanham, Moon on the Hill in Harrow and Cliftonville Inn in Hove.

Loughborough's Moon and Bell, Loughton's Last Post, Mansfield's Widow Frost, Middlesborough's Resolution, Purley's Foxley Hatch, Redditch's Rising Sun, Sevenoaks' Sennockian, Southampton's Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, Stafford's Butler's Bell and Watford's Colombia Press are also all on the market.

The Toll Gate in Hornsey is one of the 32 pubs set to be sold.
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While known for slashing its prices dramatically and extending epic offers, the pub giant has also faced scrutiny because of its founder and chairman Tim Martin.

In light of recent news of Spoons having to sell 32 of its pubs, one Twitter user wrote: "The first 32 Wetherspoons pubs are being sold off, shed a tear for Tim Martin. Or have a laugh. Brexit supporting fool."

"Wetherspoons selling 32 pubs. Oh dear what a shame nevermind," another said.

A third commented: "Might be off Twitter for a few days just so I can laugh maniacally at Tim Martin having to sell off 32 Wetherspoons pubs."

However, others have stuck up for the establishment, and in particular reflected on what the selling of the 32 pubs could mean for the pub giant's employees.

"I've been lonely outlier on Wetherspoons before & I'll do it again. Its a lifeline for the poor, elderly, people in society who are placeless & employs many in our communities. Cheering its downfall as you don't have same political opinion as its owner tells us all lots about you," one said.

"I don't care what happens to Martin but I'd hate Wetherspoons to go under. It's a lifeline for the less well off looking for some leisure time," another said.

A final resolved: "If Wetherspoons were to go under, millions of less well-off people would suffer, as well as probably over 1000 staff. And you’d smile? Ok."

Senior director of CBRE, Toby Hall, said: "The excellent mix of locations in this portfolio is rarely seen in the market. With more than half of the portfolio located in London and the south-east and other strong locations in the south-west, Midlands and [north of England] we believe the pubs represent an excellent opportunity for existing pub operators and new entrants."

Eddie Gershonor, a spokesperson for Wetherspoon, told LADbible: "On occasion Wetherspoon does put some of its pubs up for sale.

"This is a commercial decision.We understand that customers and staff will be disappointed with it. The pubs will continue to operate as Wetherspoon outlets until they are sold."

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