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Wilko worker gets locked in tug-of-war with mum at checkout leaving daughter terrified of 'man in black'

Wilko worker gets locked in tug-of-war with mum at checkout leaving daughter terrified of 'man in black'

The member of staff allegedly followed the family around the store

Bizarre footage has been shared of a shop worker involved in a 'tug of war' with a customer.

A woman was in Wilko recently when the strange encounter happened. Check it out:

Sophie Dellow was out at the Kingston Centre store in Milton Keynes with son Jaylon, 12, and five-year-old daughter, Amelia, last month.

While in the shop, the two kids began playing hide and seek, with Jaylon jumping into a metal storage trolley before being told to get down by his mum.

However, upset with their behaviour, one member of staff came over, allegedly following them around the store and preventing them from scanning their items.

Sophie, 31, claims that the man actually snatched sweets from her daughter's hands before taking her shopping from her.

The employee allegedly snatched shopping from Sophie's hand.
Kennedy News and Media

In footage from the altercation, the mum can be seen trying to hold onto a bag of cotton wool balls as the employee pulls them out of her hands.

Recalling the incident, Sophie said: "It was horrible. I don't know if he was having a bad day and took it out on us.

"My daughter was so anxious she chewed all the skin on her fingers. Every time she washed her hands she was crying because they were stinging.

"Every single day she mentions [the employee], which is heartbreaking and frustrating for me."

She added: "My little girl won't sleep in her own bed and she keeps saying she's scared of a man in black - he was wearing all black."

Sophie says her son didn't even do much wrong and hadn't damaged any items in the shop before the worker came over to them.

She was out with her children at the time.
Kennedy News and Media

And despite being told about his mental health, she says the member of staff couldn't care less.

"He just started being really rude to us," Sophie recalled. "He said, 'No, I'm not very happy - he shouldn't be in there'. I apologised and said, 'Leave it at that'.

"From then, he was like, 'It's not good enough. He shouldn't be climbing in there. What if my crate got damaged?' I explained again that nothing was damaged and asked him to leave it.

"He continued and started following us around the shop. He was right behind me and antagonising me. He would not leave me alone.

"I then explained that my son has ADHD and didn't realise the consequences of what he'd done.

Sophie said her kids were shaken by the incident.
Kennedy News and Media

"That's when he turned around and said 'I don't care if he's got ADHD, maybe you should learn to control it', which is disgusting."

Sophie says the worker then began tussling with her over a packet of cotton balls.

"He then turned the till off so I couldn't pay for any of my items at all," she said.

"My son was petrified as well and kept saying 'Mummy, I'm so sorry'. He knew he shouldn't have got in there."

A spokesperson for Wilko said: "We're proud to provide an inclusive place to work and shop, and we want all our customers and team members to feel welcome.

"Unfortunately, this customer's experience fell short of their expectation, and the team member involved has since left the business."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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