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Woman on way to church bumps car but refuses to swap details and blames him

Woman on way to church bumps car but refuses to swap details and blames him

The woman refused to take the blame for the incident and said she was leaving

Bizarre footage has emerged of a woman refusing to swap details with a man after she allegedly smashed into his car. See what happened:

Aleem Khan uploaded the shocking video on their TikTok account after his dad's Audi was damaged recently.

In the clip, you can see the woman's blue Nissan car right next to his dad's vehicle - which just so happens to have a huge dent and scuff mark along its side. Hmm.

The woman then asks: "Did I touch your car?', to which a stunned Aleem says: "My dad's car's all wrecked, what do you mean did you touch my car?"

The video then shows the true extent of the damage, with the Audi seen with a large dent and long blue streaks across the paintwork.

Pointing to the marks, Aleem says: "Look at my car, there."

Clearly not happy with the assertion that she's done anything wrong, the woman is then heard shouting: "Liar, liar!"

The damage.

But it's not over yet.

We see another woman, who witnessed the incident, come into shot and speak with Aleem and the other driver, confirming that the woman was at fault and had damaged the Audi.

Aleem then threatens to call the police, asking the woman, 'Do you have a driving licence?'

She replies to say that she is 'going to church', but eventually admits wrongdoing, having been banged to rights by Aleem and the witness.

Since the video was shared online, it has been viewed over six million times, with people stunned by the woman's brass neck.

One user said: "She thinks by screaming she will get away with it!", while another chipped in: "There’s even blue paint on ur car off of hers."

"She thinks by screaming she will get away with it!" put a third.

While another praised Aleem for persisting, saying: "Hats off to you bro for keeping calm and patient throughout. I’d have lost it!"

But I guess it could have been much worse for Aleem's motor.

Spare a thought for the valet who found himself in hot water after he crashed a £1 million Ferrari due to him not knowing how to park it.

A valet got into trouble when he crashed a Ferrari.

The unfortunate event took place in the Monaco's lavish Monte Carlo, metres away from the world famous Casino Square.

The royal blue LaFerrari crashed after the valet made the mistake of leaving the car in gear after parking it beside the pavement as he waited for the owner of the hypercar.

The car originally remained stationary but began to move forward once the car door was closed.

Unfortunately, the car crashed into a pair of mopeds after the valet closed the door, narrowly avoiding one of the riders.

The desperate valet tried to stop the car by opening the door and getting back into the car but his attempt was unsuccessful as he crashed the car.

So yeah, it could have been much, much worse.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@aleem.khan7

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