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Here Are Three Signs That Someone's Lying To You So You Can Call Them Out

Here Are Three Signs That Someone's Lying To You So You Can Call Them Out

Who's the snake?

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

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Everyone lies. It's a sad fact of life. In fact, you've probably lied at least once today already. I'm trying to think if I've lied yet but the only thing I can think of is when I told my co-workers that I'm 'definitely not going out tonight' and I'm '100% going to the gym and having an early night instead'. Technically, that's not a lie... yet.

Anyway, the point is that a former FBI agent has put together three simple tricks to figure out when some snake is lying to you.

They spoke to The Muse about what to look out for.


If they don't give you a straight answer

First of all, ask them a yes or no question. According to the FBI agent, if they answer anything other than 'yes' or 'no', you should be suspicious. If they do, ask the same question again. If they answer anything else other than 'yes' or 'no' again then the probability of them lying to you is much more likely.

If they say 'well...'

Saying 'well' is a massive red flag. Apparently, this is a sign that the person in question is about to give an answer that they know the questioner is not expecting.


If they don't answer this question with 'because I'm telling the truth'

Ask the person in question why you should believe them. Usually, honest people will respond with, 'because I'm telling the truth'. Any other variation ('I'm an honest person', 'You don't have to believe me then' or even 'I've got no reason to lie') is an indicator that they're telling fibs.

So there you have it. They're not 100% accurate but it gives a strong indication.

Words by Mel Ramsay

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