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Ex-Soldier Still Using Phone After It Survives Iraq And Afghanistan

James Dawson

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Ex-Soldier Still Using Phone After It Survives Iraq And Afghanistan

Dave Mitchell is still using the phone he bought almost two decades ago.

The former soldier bought the Nokia 3310 back in 2000 and 17 years later it's still going strong. It's been through the wash and been dropped in a curry and only needs to be charged every 10 days. It's true what they say, Nokias are indestructible.

On the other hand, all I have to do is look at my iPhone in a funny way and it shatters.

Credit: Caters

Even though it's old, the Nokia 3310 is still one of the best selling mobile phones of all time. When it first went on sale it sold 125 million devices.

Dave even took his phone on two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's been in battle zones. And it's still working.

He said: "It's been through a lot with me. I have dropped it on numerous occasions, on the floor, in curry sauce, and it's been through the washing machine.

"Each time I've just cleaned it up, dried it off, turned it on again and it's worked. It's like it's made of kryptonite - it's indestructible.

Credit: Caters

"It's picked up a few scars over the years, but it's still in good working condition. I have a camera if I ever want to take photos, and I don't do selfies.

"I'm perfectly happy with what I've got. Why would I ever change?"

When he left the army after 29 years, he put his phone in a drawer and forgot about it. His family got annoyed at not being able to get in contact with him.

"My days in the army meant that I was good at planning days, so I would work out what I was going to do and stick to the plan.

Credit: Caters

"There was no need to tell anyone where I was all the time. If I had broken down in the car, I like to think I would have been resourceful enough to sort the situation without needing to call for help.

"It just sat in a draw gathering dust. I didn't really bother me that I didn't have it. I had my landline at home and work if people needed to get in touch."

Dave's son tried to get him an upgrade, but he didn't want it. Being unconnected to the internet makes him feel free and he doesn't want to be the sort of person who is always on his phone. But when he does have a spare moment, he likes to play Snake.

The only downsides for Dave is that his daughter calls him up asking for lifts, and he has to pay for data even if he can't use it. Still, he's making a huge saving.

Credit: PA Images

The first mobile phone came out 32 years ago - but what if mobile phones were even older than that? Archaeologists think that they've found proof of a 800-year-old phone.

The object was found in Austria and it looks like a clay form of a mobile phone. It's even got cuneiform writing that looks like keys - although it's very similar to the language of Ancient Iraq.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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James Dawson
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