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LADs Buy A Storage Container For £260 Then Find Out Its Worth Thousands

Stewart Perrie

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LADs Buy A Storage Container For £260 Then Find Out Its Worth Thousands

Television is littered with shows about people looking through discarded storage containers, trying to find a diamond in the rough. You've got Storage Hunters, Container Wars, Baggage Battles and all the different versions of Storage Wars.

They've all essentially got the same plot: a group of strangers walk around a lot and spend hundreds of pounds on a small room which could contain a jackpot or absolute garbage. The punters never get a proper look inside the container so they never know really what they're bidding for.

Three LADs decided to head to an auction in Teesside, north-east England, to see if they could find anything worthwhile. Michael Gouder, Danny Owens, and Anthony Frankish each chipped in £85 and won a container.

Check out what they found inside.

Once they had a proper peek in the container they realised that they might have scored big time. The tiny room included a vintage bottle of French wine, a handwritten court log which appears to be from the 1720s and a violin. Also hidden inside was a silver tableware set along with items made of brass and gold.

The boys were shocked, with Danny, 26, telling the Mirror: "We all came down on our own, to bet on single containers. But we all knew of each other and thought we might as well join up and bid, and we ended up with this.

"We've all seen Storage Hunters and that on the telly, so we thought we'd give it a go."

Silverware set found inside storage container
Silverware set found inside storage container

Credit: Evening Gazette

Parchment dating back to the 1720s
Parchment dating back to the 1720s

Credit: Evening Gazette

But their luck didn't stop there.

They bought another container for £160 and apparently have already made the money back on that one from selling what was inside.

Anthony, 29, has told Gazette Live: "We've easily made our money back straight away, and there's loads more stuff still to be appraised so it should be good when it's all gone.

While storage containers are small, dark places, one man showed how he managed to live in one for two months. YouTuber 007craft was converting his Honda into a liveable, 'cosy' space, but had to make regular trips to a storage locker during the project.

So he decided that while he was converting the car, he would also renovate the container and live in it. Needless to say, living in a storage unit is illegal, and given the hot plate and toaster oven that this guy has, it's also a fire hazard - but there's no doubting the ingenuity of it.

The YouTuber says he only spent around $100 making the space his home, and his rent was only $205. There's no turning your nose up at those prices..

Featured Image Credit: Evening Gazette

Stewart Perrie
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