Why The Hell Are People Drawing Penises On Their Face?

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Why The Hell Are People Drawing Penises On Their Face?

People are obsessed with penises, aren't they?

Whenever a celebrity gets their sidekick out it makes headline news, whether it's Orlando Bloom flashing a photographer whilst he is out rafting or Sir Ian Botham accidentally posting a picture of 'somebodies' dick on his timeline. Hint: You're supposed to send it in the DMs.

This isn't a modern thing. Historical cock enthusiast Sigmund Freud was so enamoured by members that he devoted large sections of his work to theories about 'penis envy' and 'castration anxiety'. And the Romans, just like every school boy thereafter, loved drawing pictures of shafts on everything and anything when given half the chance.

So, I guess in a way the most recent manifestation of humanity's phallus-obsession isn't as much of a surprise as you might think.


Nineteen-year-old Asia Brautigam started a social trend yesterday when she took to Instagram and Twitter to share her take on creative makeup: dickliner.

To state the obvious, dickliner is when you draw a penis as the wing of your standard eyeliner.

Apparently loads of women are into it...


Speaking about what she had created, Asia told Buzzfeed: "I think they're all creative and amazingly talented! My dickliner will never compare!"

You going to give it a try then, mate?

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