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Driver Gives Epic Response To Previous Car Owner's 'Parting Gift' Prank

Driver Gives Epic Response To Previous Car Owner's 'Parting Gift' Prank


James Dawson

James Dawson

A driver has penned a hilarious open letter to the prankster who had previously owned his new motor, after discovering they had left an incredibly annoying parting gift hidden within the car.

Chris Linnane, from Manchester, bought the Ford Focus ST three months ago from a second-hand car dealership and had not noticed any issues.

However, after turning on the air conditioning last week during the sunny weather, the 29-year-old was left with a huge surprise.

Watch it here:

Credit: Mercury Press

He soon discovered that the previous owner had craftily emptied the small circular paper cuttings from a hole punch into the air vent.

Unable to get to the paper to retrieve it, now Chris has to accept a face-full of the 'confetti' every time he needs to cool down or warm up.

After sharing the amusing note in which he said, "Bravo, old owner, bravo," Chris recorded the mess that he faces when trying to use his vehicle's air con.

Chris, 29, said: "I only realised the other day that the vent had been filled with confetti when I turned up the air conditioning to full.

Credit: Mercury Press

"It suddenly sped out all over my car. Obviously the air pressure from having it on low previously hadn't been enough.

"Now every time I want to cool down or warm up my face, I face the inevitability of feeling like I'm part of a confetti celebration.

"I ended up with a face full of them and I can't exactly get the hoover in there to get them out.

"It took me a long time to clear them up and they've not all come out yet.

"I'd been finding one or two around since I bought the car and couldn't work out where they came from.

"The car's quite new, I only got it in April, but I had no idea until the other day what had been hiding inside.

"I've actually spoken to the owner too but he kept that quiet.

"I actually bought it from a dealership though, so I don't think they knew anything about it."

In his open letter that he shared on Facebook, Chris wrote: "Dear the previous owner of my car.

"What we're all looking at here is the driver's side vent for the A/C and heating. What you're seeing inside that vent is a large handful of the little circles of paper that belong inside the catch tray of a hole punch.

"The reason they're in there has now become painfully apparent. When I put the A/C on full blast, I now get a face full of the little b*****d pieces of paper!

"I can't get a hoover attachment in to get them out, nor do I want to try and remove the vent so now, every time I want cooling down or warming up, I face the inevitability of feeling like I'm part of some sort of confetti celebration.

"Bravo old owner, bravo."

Top banter, LADs.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

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