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Fake Conor McGregor Fools Hundreds In New York

Fake Conor McGregor Fools Hundreds In New York

He looks so much like him

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Fake Conor McGregor is back and this time he's tricking fans in New York's Times Square.

Islam Badurgov caused chaos when he rocked up in Los Angeles last month, with people falling over themselves to meet him, as the hype around the Mayweather-McGregor fight continued to build.

Yesterday, he decided to do it all over again - this time in NYC, where he was mobbed by fans all wanting to get a selfie with 'McGregor'.

I mean, you can see why they were fooled:

Credit: Facebook/Islam Badurgov

Islam, who is an actor and 'street workout expert', is an absolute dead ringer for the Irish MMA star when he's had a bit of make-up and some fake tattoos applied.

As well as looking like McGregor, Islam manages to completely nail his party-boy persona. People can't seem to get enough of him.

He was mobbed by fans in LA last month. Credit: Facebook/Islam Badurgov

Weirdly, out of costume he looks nothing like him. He's also about twice the size of the MMA fighter, and given that he's from Kazakhstan you do wonder whether he'll have McGregor's Irish drawl down pat.

Still doesn't stop people from asking him for an autograph, though.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Islam Badurgov

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