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‘Psychic’ alpaca predicts exactly how England will perform in World Cup

‘Psychic’ alpaca predicts exactly how England will perform in World Cup

Never mind the rest of the pundits and their opinions, a supposedly psychic alpaca has said how England will do at the World Cup.

All of the pundits making their predictions for how England will do at the World Cup can move over, because the only opinion that matters is that of a 'psychic' alpaca.

Alfie the alpaca made his predictions by choosing to eat from different troughs which secretly bore the flags of teams in England's World Cup group.

Described by 'one of the smarter and more responsive alpacas', the staff at Fairytale Farm in Southcombe wondered who better than Alfie to figure out how things would go in Group B.

And overall, it's pretty good news for England, even if Alfie reckons the Three Lions will actually lose their opening game of the tournament to Iran.

The supposedly psychic alpaca believes despite an early defeat, England will get out of the group stages by managing to beat the USA and Wales.

Move over Lawro, the psychic alpaca is here to make predictions.

It's not such good news for the Welsh national team, however, as the alpaca is predicting that their first World Cup for 64 years will see them crash out at the group stages.

Alfie also reckons Wales will succeed where England failed and manage to defeat Iran, but will fail to make it out of Group B as they'll be beaten by England and the USA.

With the USA tipped to beat both Wales and Iran, it would mean that England and the USA would advance from their group, leaving the unlucky Welsh squad headed home early.

Nick Laister, who looks after Alfie on the farm, is hoping the alpaca's predictions aren't that accurate.

He said: "Here’s hoping Alfie is wrong and both England and Wales can make it through the group stages!"

Right now, it seems like the only hope for Wales is that alpacas aren't really psychic and don't know what they're talking about when it comes to guessing football results.

Obviously, that's quite a long shot but we can always hope.

Alfie the alpaca reckons England will make it out of the group stages but lose to Iran in their first game.

There is a proud tradition of getting animals to predict World Cup results, and some of them have even been eerily accurate.

The greatest predictor was Paul the Octopus, who correctly tipped Spain to win the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and overall managed to guess 12 results correctly out of the 14 he was asked about.

Sadly, Paul died shortly after that World Cup and the other things people have found to replace him haven't been quite as iconic.

Back in 2016 a cucumber was tasked with predicting the Euros, while a psychic pig must have had a bad day in 2018 when it thought Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria and Uruguay would be the teams making it to the semi-finals of that World Cup.

Far better at predicting the results at the last World Cup was another octopus (somehow they're really good at predicting football results), but the poor creature was boiled and eaten after the tournament.

Here's hoping Alfie doesn't meet that same fate.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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