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Emma Raducanu In Stitches After Accidentally Swearing In Another Language

Emma Raducanu In Stitches After Accidentally Swearing In Another Language

The British tennis star was left red-faced after the accidental blunder

Emma Raducanu was left red-faced after accidentally swearing during an interview.

The tennis star was talking ahead of her debut at the Italian open where she mistakingly swore in a different language.

The world number 12 is set to compete this week at the Italian Open in Rome, where she plays fellow New York champion Bianca Andreescu in the first round.

Chatting to a reporter on Super Tennis TV, Emma was asked if she had learnt any Italian during her stay.

To which, the 19-year-old replied: "Err... I did... like, que cazzo?"

Hilariously, the expression pretty much translates to ' What the f***' in English.

After the interviewer gasped in shock, Emma asked: "Is that a bad word?"

"A little bit," the reporter replied before finding the funny side of things.

Raducanu added: "My friend taught me that word. Cut that one. What does it mean?"

"I'll tell you later... at the end of the interview," was the response from the presenter.

Raducanu asked: "Really? Have I just sworn on camera??" before laughing in disbelief. "Oh my god, erm... Bongiorno! I can't believe I just fully swore on camera!"


Despite the off-the-court antics, Raducanu has confirmed her next competitive appearance of the year in the UK next month.

She will play in front of a British crowd at the Rothesay Classic in Birmingham.

Raducanu’s only previous WTA Tour event in Britain was in Nottingham last summer prior to her big breakthrough at Wimbledon.


The star said: “I can’t wait to play in Britain again and I’m delighted to be competing at the Rothesay Classic in Birmingham in the 40th year of this terrific showcase for women’s tennis.

“It will be great to get back on to the grass at home, where the backing of the British fans was so fantastic.”

Raducanu is continuing to travel without a full-time coach following her split from Torben Beltz.

She said: “I’d describe myself as a loner. I do like being on my own, but of course I love being in groups as well. I can easily and very happily spend a lot of time on my own. I think it’s something that is off court as well as on court.

“For the past year I’d say I’ve had a lot of people around me a lot and very often. To be kind of on my own is interesting because I’m kind of finding out a lot about myself, understanding what I need and what I don’t need.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@SuperTennisTV

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