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Fight Breaks Out At Boxing Face Off Between Elle Brooke And Astrid Wett

Fight Breaks Out At Boxing Face Off Between Elle Brooke And Astrid Wett

Brooke and Wett are set to take their feud to the ring after previously making headlines for getting into a fight at a nightclub in April.

OnlyFans models Elle Brooke and Astrid Wett came to blows at their boxing press conference on Wednesday, 8 June 8, after Brooke brought out a coffin with an 'Astrid' blow-up doll inside.

Brooke and Wett are set to take their feud to the ring at the Indigo in London's O2 Arena on 16 July, after previously making headlines for getting into a fight at a nightclub in April.

Fuelling their feud, Brooke decided to bring out a coffin in the midst of the live press conference and revealed a blow up doll wearing a Chelsea FC shirt, the team Wett supports, and a print out of her face.

Following the stunt, the two adult stars were asked to do a traditional face-off at the end of the press conference, which ended in the pair getting into a fight.

Elle Brooke and Astrid Wett came to blows at Wednesday's press conference.

Standing just inches away from her opponent, Brooke pinched Wett's nose while telling her: "This is gonna bleed."

In response, Wett shoved Brooke, who subsequently landed a powerful kick to her opponent's thigh before security guards stepped in.

Following the press conference, Brooke warned that she's going to 'bury Wett in a coffin' when the pair go head-to-head in a boxing match next month.

Discussing the stunt, Brooke told Media Spotlight: "Yeah the coffin was online, it is made from cardboard so it's really light

but I'm going to keep it in my house because I thought about, actually I don't want to give my game away, but I'm going to do something cool with it. 

"No I'm going to bury Astrid Wett on the 16th July in that exact coffin. I'm going to paint her face on it."

Elsewhere, Brooke previously said she is not only 'going for the knockout', but she is 'going for blood' in an interview with Fred Talks Fighting last month.

The OnlyFans model said the feud between herself and Wett began after Wett 'doxed' her, releasing personal information about Brooke online.

As a result, Brooke said: "I really want to smash her face in so I agreed to go down... I hate her, I hate, I'm not even just saying this... She doxed me... she told everyone my real name on TikTok Live, and where I live... That's bad isn't it.

"Lines have been crossed and now – before I wanted the fight, and I just wanted to win but now I want to kill... This isn't just to win anymore."

Adult performer Astrid Wett is set to face Brooke next month in the ring.
Instagram/Astrid Wett

Brooke claimed the release of the information meant her mum rang her crying, saying her little brothers had found out about her job in the adult industry.

In order to make sure she's at her best for the fight, Brooke said she has stayed sober for four weeks. She described having a 'different mindset' without alcohol, adding: "Your goals are focused. You don't go to the pub for casual bevs."

The fight is set to be four rounds long with each round lasting two minutes, according to Brooke, who added that she 'wanted more' rounds but that Wett requested four.

Before going into the ring, Brooke made clear that she is fighting 'on behalf of everyone that has ever been doxed'.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Hickerz

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