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Ex-Miss Croatia’s x-rated promise won’t come true as her country crashes out of World Cup

Ex-Miss Croatia’s x-rated promise won’t come true as her country crashes out of World Cup

It's not coming home for her fans

The former Miss Croatia’s x-rated promise can no longer go ahead as her country just crashed out of World Cup.

As most of you will be sorely aware, England played their final match in Qatar last Friday (10 December) when they lost 2-1 to France in the quarter finals of the ongoing event.

But for Croatian fans, hopes were still high that their team would make it through - and that certainly goes for Ivana Knoll.

The controversial model has been living her best life in Qatar and making headlines throughout the football tournament because of her seriously revealing outfits.

She first shot to fame after being spotted in the crowd at previous World Cups and journeyed to the country for her third one in a row.

Although her fashion choices are all inspired by the iconic red and white checks of her native Croatia, some feared she might get herself arrested for showing off so much skin.

While tourists don't have to dress like the locals, they are still expected to cover their shoulders, upper arms and legs.

Despite the warnings, Ivana made a rather risqué promise if her home country won the World Cup - to get butt naked.

Ivana Knoll's promise to get naked in Qatar won't be going ahead.

When speaking to German media last week, she was asked how she'd react if Croatia brought it home and the model, who was wearing the regional flag at the time, said: "If that happens, the flag falls…"

But alas, it looks like this won't be going ahead as Croatia just lost to Argentina in the semi finals tonight (13 December).

Not doubt this will come as a double blow for her fans.

Last month, Ivana defended her decision to wear skimpy outfits, suggesting the people of Qatar needed to 'respect her way of life'.

Speaking about the country's dress code, she said: "First I was thinking if the World Cup is happening there, they for sure will allow everything to make it comfortable for all fans without any of their restrictions.

"Then I heard about the rules and I was shocked. In the dress code you're forbidden from showing your shoulders, knees, belly and neck. I was like, 'omg I don't even have clothes covering that all'."

The model is undoubtedly a huge fan of her country's team.

As for those who criticised her fashion choices and said she 'must respect our customs, traditions and religion', the former Miss Croatia gave the following response:

"I think they need also to respect our way of life, our beer lovers, our religion and in the end me wearing a bikini, because I am a Catholic from Croatia who is here because of the World Cup."

Now that her country's been knocked out of the competition, no doubt she'll be heading home shortly - but there's no denying she managed to cause quite a stir this year.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@knolldoll

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