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One-armed MMA fighter takes on two opponents and executes brutal knockout

One-armed MMA fighter takes on two opponents and executes brutal knockout

The fighter wasted no time in delivering the knockout kick

An MMA fighter with one arm proved he still had the upper hand when he took on two opponents and managed to achieve a brutal knockout.

Russian fighter Alexander Karapetyan took on the unusual two-on-one fight in an event for Epic Fighting Championship; the Russian-based MMA promotion which has made a name for itself by putting on bizarre fights.

See how the fight unfolded below:

Having previously welcomed a mixed-gender clash between an adult film star and a blogger, and a fight between a 75-year-old pensioner, his grandson and a female opponent, the promotion this time had Karapetyan up against both 34-year-old Sanya Shyp and 21-year-old Lexus.

Karapetyan appeared to be the underdog as he weighed just 57kg for the fight and stood at 5'5", while Shyp weighed 72kg and was 5'6" tall, and Lexus weighed 66kg and measured 5'4".

However, Karapetyan, whose left arm ends at the elbow, wasted no time in making his intentions of winning clear.

Immediately after the fighters touched gloves, he made his way toward the younger of his two competitors and swiftly kicked him in the body and head.

The judges voted in Karapetyan's favour.

Lexus dropped to the floor and the referee paused the fight after just four seconds. Four. That's barely even enough time to say all three fighters' names.

A doctor entered the ring to check Lexus' condition, and the 21-year-old was ultimately deemed unfit to continue, leaving Karapetyan with just one more fighter to defeat.

He struck again with multiple kicks before throwing some big punches with his right hand, but Shyp proved more difficult to conquer.

The 34-year-old managed to evade a few of his opponent's strikes and even landed a few hits of his own, with his determination allowing him to last through the remaining two two-minute rounds.

Though Karapetyan didn't manage to floor Shyp like he did Lexus, the judges decided in his favour and his hand was raised in success as the bout came to an end.

Karapetyan's bout is just one of the fights that made headlines after an Epic Fighting Championship event this year, as another two vs one fight gained attention earlier this year after a cornerman vaulted the cage in the middle of a fight.

Vitaly Bykov had gone up against Vladislav Popov and Ramzan Amsadoev, but the two teammates got the upper hand and the event turned into chaos when they began beating him, prompting a member of Bykov's team to jump into the ring.

Featured Image Credit: @fightinglabfl/Instagram

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